April 7, 2014

Stitch Fix #3

It's been a LONG time since I blogged, and I still owe you guys an 8-month update on Z, AND now a 9-month update (?!?!), but man...where is the time?! And why is it going by me so quickly?!

Til then, I want to share my latest Stitch Fix, which is the third one I've received since discovering this awesome service. Want to know all about it? Start here, with my first post about it!

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It's been several months since I ordered a fix.  Mostly because life with an infant can get pretty expensive, and I couldn't, in good conscience, spend money on myself buying clothes when I knew other things were higher on the priority list.  But, thankfully, some of YOU have been using my referral link and I suddenly had $125 in referral credits!  So I ordered a fix.  It arrived on Friday, and I dutifully waited until the babe was asleep before trying everything on and snapping some photos.

For this fix, I told my stylist to "send me stuff that will make me excited about Spring!" hoping that, since my style profile said I mostly wear dresses, I'd open my box to find pretty florals and skirts/dresses.

Full disclosure? I was MAD when I opened this box.  Four solid SHIRTS and one dress that was fall colors.  Ugh! But, I tried them all on, and then I let my hive-mind (aka "Facebook") weigh in, which was a LOT of fun:

109 comments later (and yes, I tracked the results!), I made my decisions. Here are my thoughts on each, as well as the verdicts (I left the packing sheet at home, so I'll update later with the names of the items):

Until I find the official name, I'll call this one the "Sheer, button-sleeved, hydrangea-colored blouse." $48

I immediately liked the material of this one (kind of sheer, very silky) and I LOVED the color. I've kind of been into Seasonal Color Analysis lately (and I've discovered that I'm a Soft Autumn) and this color is pretty close to being on my color palette.

It's a little bit snug across the chest when it's fully-buttoned, but I could always wear it open.  My husband loved this one and said "It's not like what you usually wear."  I figure that's kind of the point of paying an internet stylist, right?

Facebook verdict: this one was the 3rd most popular. 

My verdict: Keep! 

Cobalt blue cowl-necked blouse $48

This one looked like a giant "NO" when I pulled it out of the box.  I didn't even think it would fit; it looked too small!  But when I put it on, it surprised me.  Pros: the color is fabulous, and the cowl neckline hides a myriad sins and stains (I have an infant; this is a selling point).  Cons: totally sheer (not as much of an issue in the front, but in the back? big issue), hemline shorter than I usually like, and the cowl neck would constantly distract me. Even trying it on, I was constantly adjusting it to hang properly. It's also quite dressy, and not really appropriate for summers in Texas (which we all know start in May).

Facebook verdict: 4th in votes; everyone loved the color. LOVED it. 

My verdict: Send it back.

Turquoise open cardigan $48

This one made me purse my lips with frustration when I pulled it out, because I didn't feel like my stylist tried very hard. I've seen SO MANY open cardis on different blogs and Instagrams when I search the #StitchFix hashtag or look on their customer reviews.  But, I tried it on. And, lo and behold, it actually fit perfectly and hangs really well on my body.  Tried it on with one of my own tank tops. 

Facebook verdict: Tied for first place in votes. Some praised its versatility/color and others said "Nice, but will you really wear it in the coming months?" Valid, but I spend a lot of time in a cold office/cold theatre, so...yes.

My verdict: Keep. 

Jade green 3/4 sleeve heathered blouse $48

I think I actually exclaimed "Are you kidding me?" when I pulled this one out of the box.  It literally looked like an extra-large Hanes t-shirt with a v-neck.  It wasn't until I put it on that I noticed the cool sleeves (I called them bat-wings) and the fitted bottom.  I thought it might hang off of me when I saw the huge  neckline, but it actually sits on my shoulders really well.  I probably would wear this with leggings, honestly.  The fitted bottom-half looked weird over my jeans' back pockets.  Love the color, very comfortable, and the color, once again, fits perfectly on my Soft Autumn palette.

Also, the material is heavenly.  It's so soft and light! 

Facebook verdict: Tied for first place. Almost everyone said to keep this one.

My verdict: Keep, with humblest apologies to my stylist.
Striped jersey wrap dress $68

My husband and I dubbed this one the "sexy Freddy Krueger dress."  The stylist card was very effusive in its push for this dress: "Wear it with tights and boots in the fall, and with wedge sandals on warmer days!"  True. I could.  But this material is thicker than it looks, and I can already imagine the sweat on those 95-plus degree Texas days.  This dress might get worn once or twice this spring, then put away til October. 

Truth me told, I did feel like it was sexy.  But that's not what I should be spending my money on.  I need practical-yet-stylish/professional.

Also: too much cleavage. Yes, could wear a cami underneath, but see above comments about layering/the Texas summers.

Also also: TOO SHORT

Also also also: Horizontal stripes = meh. A Facebook friend's comment made me laugh, though: "...horizontal stripes isn't the most flattering pattern on anyone. That said, you've got boobs and butt and a small waist, so you full them out and turn them into curves, so that's hot..."  Love it. :)

I went round and round and and round about this dress.  I was getting some great comments from respected sources (BFF, my gay friends who work in fashion, straight guys who said "perfect for dates with your hubby!" and trusted female friends), but I just wasn't sold on it.  Yes, wrap dresses are lovely and perfect for any and all seasons/occasions, but this just isn't the wrap dress for me.  

Facebook verdict: 5th place.  Least amount of votes for this one. 

My verdict: Send it back.

So how am I feeling overall about Stitch Fix right now?  

Honestly, this box was still frustrating, even though I could have kept all 5 items and worn them plenty in the right occasions/seasons.  But I'm frustrated at the lack of variety. I've gotten a LOT of tops in 3 fixes, and only two dresses...both of which were wrap/belted varieties.  And everything is very loose-fitting this time around.

My style profile clearly states that I prefer fitted on top, loose on bottom (I'm short-waisted and hourglass-figured, so loose tops don't always work well on me), and that I wear dresses almost always.  However, as much as I snarled at everything in this box, it all fit me and all got VERY positive responses from outside sources (husband and friends).

So...what to do now?  I think I'll schedule at least one more fix this summer, but then I may give it a rest and try a service such as Gwynnie Bee, which my friend Amanda suggested to me this weekend, just for more variety and a quicker turnaround on items.  

Oh! And I already am wearing the cardigan today! It happened to match my Peter Pilotto for Target dress just perfectly!