December 9, 2013

Stitch Fix #2

Don't know if you've all been paying attention to the news and weather reports lately, but most of North Texas, where I live, has been essentially SHUT. DOWN. the last few days because of an ice storm.  Normally, I think that Texans overreact and/or are ill-prepared to handle winter weather, but this one really was no joke.  Overnight we had 4-5 inches of solid ice on the ground, making travel very dangerous, if not impossible. 

Also, my house has been trading a stomach bug back and forth since Thanksgiving (we're all on the mend now!) and the Little One has been teething.  So please forgive the fact that I look like a WRECK in these photos!  But let me say that Jaime, my stylist, NAILED this fix!  She really listened to what I said in my feedback last time, and I loved every single thing she sent me. 

If you're saying WAIT WAIT SLOW DOWN, WHAT THE HECK IS A STITCH FIX?? then let me point you to my post about my first fix, in which I explain how it works!

Onto the fix!

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I specifically asked Jaime to send me something that would be perfect for holiday parties in this fix.  She took my request and sent something perfect that would also work for the office!

The Paltrow Stretch Lace Hi-Lo Peplum Top -- $98. This emerald green, lace top would be PERFECT with jeans, heels, and a blazer with a sparkly brooch or statement earrings.

I didn't take a picture of the back, but it also featured an exposed, gold zipper, which I thought was a nice touch of glitz and a fun surprise.  Unfortunately, this top was both a little out of my price range and a little too snug around my midsection, which is still fairly lumpy after having Z.  I knew I'd be self-conscious in it.  But the quality was lovely and the color PERFECT for me. 

Mavi Denim Jacket -- $98

Guys...I LOVED this jacket.  A good denim jacket is SO hard to find!

I loved the cut, and it was a perfect dark wash. It was soft and stretchy and would look fantastic dressed up or down.  Unfortunately, we ran into another size+price issue.  The price actually isn't terrible, to me, when you consider how much people spend for a good pair of jeans.  This denim jacket would last forever, and would have been worth the investment.  But, despite the sleeve length and where it hit my torso being perfect, it was just a little tight in the arms and would not button across my chest.  Sigh.  Back it goes...

The Nickelle Striped Long-Sleeved Shirt -- $48

When I pulled this shirt out of the box, I LOVED the style, but I was hesitant about horizontal stripes...

But I love this shirt so much!! I think that tiny bit of diagonal stripe on the pocket offsets the horizontal stripes perfectly, and I love how the boat neckline and the navy & white stripes give it a nautical look.  This would be so fun with a pop of color in another item...yellow, red, etc.  KEEPING this shirt!  The price is perfect for me.

Benian Mini Chain Detail Crossbody Bag -- $58

I nearly purrrrred with delight when I pulled out this bag!  It says "off-white" in the description but I'd call it peach, actually.

It is made of SUCH soft leather, and I love the style and the chain detail! There was a smaller pouch of the same material inside, as well as a longer shoulder strap.  Guys, this was so tempting!! But I had a budget since it's near the holidays, and I wanted another item from my fix instead.  Also, I do love my Dooney & Bourke purse, and I'm not one to have multiple handbags.  But this price is a steal for the quality of this bag!!  Sending it back.  With a tear in my eye.

Albertson Chambray Henley Blouse -- $68

When I saw on the packing slip that I had another chambray item (after the disappointing shirt dress from my last fix), I was cautiously excited.  I love chambray, and it's really big this fall.  I see it all the time on campus, with leggings and boots and those cozy-looking, tall boot socks and scarves!

I knew as soon as I put this shirt on that I was keeping it!  It's so soft and I love the way it fits! I love the asymmetrical hem (it's slightly longer in the back), and the rolled sleeves with the button closure to keep them up.  My stylist clearly paid attention to my disappointment that the last chambray item didn't work for me, and was Jaime-on-the-spot to find me another one!  KEEPING.

I know the prices seem high, but let me remind you that you get a 25% discount if you buy all 5 items, AND your $20 stylist fee goes towards your total.  If you have credits from people clicking on your referral links, it takes the price down even further!

Here's how this fix would have worked out for me:

Total: $370 - $20 stylist fee - $37 credit - $87.50 for the discount = $225.50.  Just over $200 for 5 items of such high quality is a great deal, in my opinion. 

I actually got another referral credit while I was trying these on, so by the time I decided on my two items, plus my referral credits, plus my $20 stylist fee, I am only out of pocket $34 for this fix!  Cannot beat that!

I'm extremely happy with this fix! I can't wait to schedule another one after the new year! 

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