December 2, 2011

#reverbbroads11 Day 2 -- Stupid

Wow, what a great response yesterday's post got!  My blog stats SPIKED yesterday, and since I'm a total narcissist, I'm inspired to keep this thing up as much as I can!  I'll be traveling tomorrow through Wednesday of next week, but perhaps I can write a post or two from my fancy iPhone while I'm gone...and if I don't keep up-to-date with the commenting, know that I'm going to do my VERY BEST to read all of your posts!

So on to today's prompt:

"What is the stupidest thing you did this year? What about in your whole life?"

Oh geez.

I mean....I do a lot of stupid things.  I'm human, and I make mistakes...ranging in severity from choosing McDonald's coffee over Starbucks to...well, some bigger ones.  But in the interest if keeping you here, I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

This Year:

I've really been thinking about this, so much so that I was laying in bed last night thinking of this year from month-to-month and trying to remember epically stupid things I may have done.  Two came to mind:

1. Getting really stupid drunk on Memorial Day. I know, lots of people get drunk on holidays.  You're out, you're grilling by the pool, you're drinking beer.  It happens.  But this was probably the most drunk I have ever been around my FAMILY.  Yeah.  We're all just hanging out and it's a balmy 105 degrees outside (more on that later) and I'm drinking sangria like it's a JUICE BOX.

It was bad. The last thing I remember was talking with my uncle and my grandma and then apparently I just went upstairs to my mom's couch and fell asleep.  Then my husband took my drunk ass home (I cried the whole way home b/c I was feeling so terrible) and I went to bed and woke up at midnight completely hungover.  AWFUL.  I AM TOO OLD FOR THAT.

Luckily my family thought it was pretty hilarious.  Now at every family event, if I even reach for a beer, my uncle gives this huge frat-boy yell and says "Mandy's drinkin', the party can staaaaaaaaaaaart!"  Haha.  Jerk.

2. Not getting my car's a/c checked and fixed during the hottest summer on record.  No but SERIOUSLY.  With the exception of three years spent in Boston, MA, I have lived in Texas my entire life and never experienced a summer like this past one.  And of course that's the summer that the a/c stops being cold in my car.  My husband is a teacher, so summers can be really tight for us financially, and I was deathly afraid of it being something more than just "low freon," so I refused to let him take the car in to get checked.  I only work 5 miles from home, so I just put up with it every day.  When he FINALLY took it in in late August, it turns out it was just freon after all, and it only cost $90 to fix.  Stupid.  Could've been a lot less miserable all summer.


This one is tougher, because I have to choose one of the many stupid things I've done in 30 years on this planet.  There's an incident that definitely comes to mind....and it would take paragraphs and paragraphs (perhaps even multiple blog posts) to get into fully, but I'll give the very smallest nutshell version:

In the summer of 2002, before cyber-dating and matchmaking was as normal as it is today, but after it was completely creepy and judged, I got involved in an online relationship.  It was emotionally and mentally abusive and it led to depression and an eating disorder for me, both of which are much less severe repercussions than some online horror stories have, I know...and at the end of the day I met and started dating my husband that same summer at the end of that particular nightmare.  So at least something good came of it.

So there ya go!  Day 2, done!  Now, off to see how out of control my Google Reader subscription for this group has gotten...


  1. Blame the sangria, because that stuff is like amazing adult kool aid. I feel the same way about your A/C as I do about my favorite pair of pants, the zipper broke and instead of taking it to a tailor to repair it I just wore long shirts over it to hide it on the few times I wore them. Somehow I thought it would be expensive to fix. Once I took it to get fixed, $12. So Stupid.

  2. The A/C didn't work in our van and I took my oldest (10) and my youngest (3 months at the time) on a 28-hour trip. When we got to our destination, my dad fixed my A/C and our 28-hour trip home was MUCH more comfortable.

    My mom is a school secretary and the teachers there can choose to get paid year-round, spreading their salary over 12 months instead of 10. I thought that was quite brilliant. :)