About Me

There's a lot more to me than can be adequately summarized in such a small space, but here are a few key points:
  • I love coffee.

 A LOT. 

No really, like a LOT.

(performing the coffee litmus test: if you can see through it, it's too weak)

  • I love to read...I probably check out 4-8 books from the library at a time. Assuming I HAVE the time which, lately, is never.
  • I have a pit bull named Carmen. She is my baby.

  • I have been married to Michael for 5 years; we've been together for over a decade. He's the best. He's an opera singer and voice teacher and I pretty much think he's the bee's knees.

  •  We just had our first baby! A sweet baby boy.  We call him Z here on the blog.  He's quite cute.

  • I love performing and creating art onstage: directing, acting/singing...sometimes dancing.

  • I love music.
  • I love Jesus Christ -- He is my Savior.

  • Sometimes I curse too much. I'm working on it. Give me a break, dammit.
  • I love to write.
  • I have a BA in English...and YES I am using it.
  • I LOVE the Boston Red Sox

  • I am a total social butterfly and I love Facebook and Twitter a little too much.
....I hope you enjoy your little visit to my corner of the web!  Please feel free to email or tweet at me any time!