February 5, 2009

Office Pet Peeve

Just a friendly note (which I am thisclose to actually writing and soldering to the coffee pot): If you happen to finish the coffee in the break room, DO NOT simply set the empty pot back on the warming tray and be on your merry way.

Also, do not leave only mere swill in the bottom of the pot. Does that look like enough for a cup to you? No. It does not.

Make a fresh pot, damn you!

This is a crime that, in my opinion, should be punishable by death.

By the way....the image above? I totally have it hanging in my office.


  1. While I dont drink coffee I can totally relate to how you feel! I used to have to have a Diet DP before anyone could even look at me. LOL

  2. No kidding, if you leave the pot on the warmer like that it'll burn whatever's left in the pot. No one likes to wake up to the smell of burnt coffee and plastic.

  3. I stopped bothering with it years ago. I brought my own carafe into the office, which I set onto the office coffee maker and then make a pot. I then take the carafe back to my office, and screw everybody else :-)