April 22, 2010

Update - with a Vlog!

Some friends and I on Twitter (are you following me?) have recently discovered the fun of Vlogging, which, for those of you not in the know, is Video Blogging.

As I explain in the video, I've been STUCK on this damn plateau of only having lost 25 lbs, and I seriously haven't lost a pound since I reached that milestone. I've even gained (and then lost again) a few pounds here and there since then, which is ridiculously frustrating.

However, I have also been really busting my butt at the gym lately, so hopefully it's just the muscles I'm building up that are weighing more, and those muscles will jump start burning more fat VERY soon.

It's so incredibly hard to keep going when you're trying hard and seeing zero results on the scale. *sigh* But, I know I'm still doing the right thing(s) for my body and for reaching my ultimate goals.

Luckily, I still have the most amazing and supportive network of friends and family who continue to encourage me, even when I don't ask! I went to a party recently thrown by some friends I haven't seen since November, and I left feeling so incredibly good about myself.

I just can't let myself get frustrated. Gotta keep pressing on.


  1. you're doing great! yes, the lack of lossage is annoying, i know. are your clothes still fitting better and better? did i mention you're looking great? 'cause you're looking (and obviously feeing) great! you look great!

  2. This was great! Of course, as a 7 month preggo, I noticed your jar of nutella on your desk, taunting me. You look great - keep it up!