March 21, 2013

Oh, hey Third Trimester

We're in the home stretch!  Unbelievable that I'm already in the third trimester.  The first trimester felt GLACIALLY SLOW.  The second trimester has gone by VERY quickly.  And I have a feeling that this third trimester is going to be so very fast!  Before we know it, I'll be updating this blog with the birth story!  

I think some of this may have to do with the fact that we don't know Baby R's sex yet, but I still cannot really believe that I am going to go to the hospital and then come home with a tiny person that I am going to be responsible for raising and caring for.  It's...still pretty surreal.  

I'm copying all the updates below from my Birth Month Club buddy, Katie, who is a couple weeks ahead of me and having a little girl.  This will be a good way to document how things are at this point:
Baby R's size: The fruit/veggie comparisons are so silly. Some places say an eggplant, another says a large cucumber, and yet another says a "rutabaga." (Who eats rutabagas enough to make that comparison?!) The important stats, though: 15 inches long, up to 2.5lbs!
Baby R's developments: Baby R may be dreaming! Brain wave activity at this stage has been known to show different sleep cycles, including REM sleep. Coughing, thumb sucking, better breathing (the lungs are almost to full maturity!).
Currently Craving: Still sweets for the most part.  Sweet, cold things are just like heaven to me.  Slurpees, candy, even just an ice cold glass of sweet tea.  But the NEED for these things isn't as bad as in earlier weeks.
How's the belly looking: Big!! Made this comparison today.  13 weeks (when I first started noticing a real bump) vs. today at 27 weeks:

Sleep & Dreams: The dreams are still okay, really.  A couple of times a week I will have a really scary or upsetting, graphic dream that wakes me up in a slight panic, but those aren't as prevalent.  I've dreamed about Baby R twice.  Once, she was a girl and had lots of hair.  The other time, he was a boy and teeny tiny and premature.  Sleep is okay...not great, not incredibly restful, but I am sleeping! God bless whomever invented the body pillow.
How I am feeling: Really feeling okay.  I am starting to struggle again with my growing size. I miss my body. I miss my summer dresses I'd be pulling out of storage right about now.  But really, I can't complain. Just the usual aches and pains after a long day or overworking myself a little, and some relatively new and uncomfortable heartburn.
Evidence of Pregnancy Brain: Well here's a fun story: last night, I went to get a bowl of Froot Loops (cold...sweet...), and I was THIS CLOSE to just pouring milk into an empty bowl.  I FORGOT THE CEREAL. But honestly, that could just be me turning more into my mother.
Movement: I've felt consistent movement after meals, like I'm supposed to.  As for other movement, it depends on the day!  Some days I get worried because Baby R seems to be too inactive, but I also know that s/he is still growing, and that takes a lot of work and makes him or her sleepy! Then there will be days where it seems like there's a disco party happening in my belly.  So it depends.  It's big enough sometimes to move my phone or my coffee mug or whatever I happen to be resting on my belly at the time (hey, it's gotta be useful, too!). 
Exercise: Really trying to step this one up.  Trying to get some good walking in every day at the very least.  My doctor gives me Disappointed Parent face when I admit how lazy I've been, so that makes me wanna do better. I was also given a prenatal yoga video by a friend, so I need to try that.
Innie or outie: Innie. I haven't noticed a single change in my belly button.
Stretch marks: None! I've read that these are hereditary, so, thanks for that, Mom! :)
Rings on or off: Still on! My hands and feet haven't been swelling at all, thank God (*knocks on wood*).
Maternity wear: Exclusively.  I still wear the occasional pre-pregnancy shirt while just around the house, but they really aren't very flattering. I'm about to need a few more sleeveless dresses, though, so I may actually need to shop soon.
Baby related purchases: Just a few things! The Muppets for our nursery (Kermit and Animal!), a sweet little "My Best Friend is a Pit Bull" onesie...I have a couple of showers coming up, so I'm excited about those.  My mother-in-law bought us our stroller, and my father-in-law wants to get our carseat for us.  My mom and stepdad have purchased the crib, we were given an awesome rocker, and my dad & stepmom want to hook us up with a dresser, so we're really being taken care of!
Days until due date: 91.  I can't believe we're in double digits already.

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