September 3, 2013

Z at Two Months

Last week, Z turned 2 months old!! I feel like time is flying.  He is changing so much every single day.

2 days old vs. 2 months old

He is smiling all the time now, especially when he sees Mommy or Daddy for the first time in the mornings.  That is absolutely my favorite time of day.  If I can get in there when he's just starting to wake up (rather than him waking me up because he's crying and hungry), I love gently unswaddling him and watching him streeeeeeeetch for a few minutes and then his eyes slowly focus on me and I get the biggest smile ever:

This routine usually is the norm for us in the mornings because OH MY GOODNESS can this child sleep!  On weekends, when we like to sleep in, he will sleep for 10-12 hours overnight!  But on week day mornings, I have to go in and wake him so that we can get ready and go to daycare.  Those morning feedings when it's just him and me are so precious to me.

He loves his big sister Carmen and will smile when she comes over to lick his hands and feet, but sometimes she gets too close and startles him a little.  We can already see the beginnings of their special friendship, and we can't wait to see how they interact together as Z gets bigger and Carmen finally has a playmate closer to her size.

He still loves being worn, and even Daddy is getting in on the babywearing action!  I think I may be investing in a woven wrap in the next month or two, but I'm a little nervous.  Babywearing is a whole LIFESTYLE to some people, so asking about what type of wrap is best can be very overwhelming!  But, for now, he does still love the K'Tan.

Last time I posted I mentioned that Z hated his playmat.  Thank goodness that has changed!  He now loves his activity mat and watching the mobile, and we tried out his kick & play piano gym yesterday.  He sure did love looking at his reflection!  Wonder where he gets that...

 We've tried doing tummy time on BOTH of his playmats and he HAAAAAAAATES it!  He has a very strong little neck when he's on our chest or in the wrap or sitting up burping, but his arms are gonna be like spaghetti noodles if he doesn't start trying to do some arm workouts on his tummy!  For now he just headbangs the mat and gets mad.  It's a good time. 

He still generally hates baths, too.  He doesn't cry/scream the WHOLE time, but he looks nervous and unsure...

But as soon as he gets cold, forget it...


But then there's a great excuse for cuddles...

I sure do love this little boy with my whole heart!  Watching him grow and change every day is so exciting.


  1. I knew nothing about wrapping except that I wanted to do it. I ended up with a Girasol 4.6 that I ordered because the Internet said it was a good length and I thought they were so pretty. I ordered it from Granola Babies, and I looooove if It is really comfy and gorgeous. Totally recommend a woven wrap!!

    Z is so so cute!!!

  2. So sweet! I love all of your picture, which you'll be so thankful to have in the next days, months, years and he continues to grow so dang fast :(. Good luck with tummytime...or just give up like I did! Hahaha. I can't wait to see you and Z again soon...someday!

  3. My kids have survived their nearly tummy-time-less infancies without noodle-arms or other issues, so don't feel bad if you decide to keep tummy-timing it to a minimum. Babywearing is actually a great way for them to develop their neck/upper body muscles!