February 27, 2014

Z at Seven Months

It's almost a month late, but it's NOT A MONTH LATE.  Dumb short month giving me even less time to procrastinate than usual!  Anyway...


Isn't he the CUTEST? I mean, I know everyone thinks their baby is beautiful, but I have it on excellent authority that mine is pretty darn gorgeous. Also adorable. And happy...SO happy! 

(he grabbed my iPhone and tried to eat it. Baby's First Selfie.)

Month 7 brought some big milestones for our little baby Z.  He learned how to sit up unassisted:

And we started solid foods (purees and baby oatmeal) to great success.  This kid will eat ANYTHING.

Month 7 also happened to be the month when I was able to snap what I think will be some of my very favorite pictures of him, ever.  I've heard that these upcoming months before his first birthday (pause to panic...) are the BEST, and I truly believe it.

Modeling his new amber teething necklace and mean muggin'
Finger painting at school!
Hangin' out with his cousin Addie
Dear Lord, please PLEASE let him always love me like this...
SWOON, right?!
The two pieces of my heart.

During month 7, Z also began to try to grab our food (sometimes I'll let him) and he started getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth...he's ready to be on the move!

We're still babywearing, though admittedly not as much these days.  He'd much rather be on the ground and left to explore and go off in search of laptop cords and the dog's bowls. But we still wrap occasionally!

Play time with his parents and his big sister is still his favorite part of the day.  He goes to bed so early in the evening that we don't get a lot of time together between work and sleepy time, but we make the most of it.

Bath time is much more of An Event, these days.  He loves to play with (read: EAT) the rubber ducky, but he'll bang the other bath toys around sometimes, too.  He's very interested in the faucet, and the sound that the water makes as it's going down the drain.

You guys, my little baby is turning into a real little boy...a little person.  Bits of his personality are showing more and more every day.  Sometimes he will finish his bottle and then offer it to me.  Not wanting to be rude, of course I'll (fake) drink out of it, and he laughs big, belly laughs.

He loves music and he loves to be sung to.  He especially thinks it's funny when Mommy plays the Disney Pandora station and sings along.  Bonus giggles if she adds in choreography.  (Don't judge!)

He is sleeping through the night only occasionally now.  Mostly he just wakes up once, because he's starving.  He eats, barely opening his eyes, and then goes right back down.  Even if he doesn't go right back to sleep, he's perfectly content to jabber in his crib for a little bit before curling back into a little roly-poly, bottom high up in the air, and fall back asleep on his own.

He's...just awesome. I cannot be effusive enough in our love and joy that we have for this tiny little guy. 

I can't wait to post about month 8, because SO many awesome things have been happening!  Stay tuned!

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  1. What a sweetie!!!!!

    If he loves to grab for food, try giving him a few pieces (little ones, obviously) of avocado or sweet potato or banana on his tray. :)