August 9, 2008

New Blog, New Start

Operaboy and I are 2 weeks away from leaving Boston after an amazing three years here, and we're 4 weeks (FOUR WEEKS!!) away from getting married, after an equally amazing 13 months of planning and scheming.

I'm not gonna lie, it's a strange feeling. As much as we know that we're making the right decision, it's a very tough one (which further intensifies my knowledge that it is the right thing. Since when has doing the right thing always been easy?).

Boston is just an amazing city, and the past three years, while difficult and lonely at times, have just been invaluable to our careers, to our individual growth, and most importantly perhaps, to our relationship. We've learned that if we don't hold on to each other during the hard times, we won't make it. We've had only each other for most of these three years, and we've grown closer than I thought was possible. I hope that this is a sign of things to come in our marriage.

We've also had some amazing opportunities. We've been to New York City together once, and I've been four times without him for work (and the occasional "girls weekend out"). We've seen operas at the Metropolitan Opera and the Boston Lyric Opera. We've had artisic opportunities (his on the stage, mine behind the scenes). We've seen the Red Sox play at Fenway Park four times (once, drunkenly, from a luxury box during a Yankees game). We watched the Patriots survive an amazing season only to LOSE the biggest game of the year (woo hoo!). We've sung with Armenians in Watertown. We've watched the Fourth of July fireworks in one of the birthplaces of our country.

And we've been cold. Colder than I've ever been in my life. We've shoveled snow, fallen down on the icy sidewalks, and had our (well at least my own) first "white Christmas."

In two weeks, Operaboy and his brother will drive the Budget truck out of the city, and I'll be leavin on a jet plane out of Boston for who knows how long. And it'll be very hard.

However, we're nothing if not nomadic. We aren't ready to plant firm, permanent roots just yet, so I have a feeling that this is neither the first nor the last "goodbye to _______" post I'll write in our lifetime together. And I'm grateful for that, because we're building memories I'll never lose. We'll have stories to tell our children, and pictures to show them of their mommy and daddy in front of the Empire State building, on top of the Sears Tower, and hopefully a few landmarks on the West Coast as well.

So, off we go into the wild blue settle down near family and friends.

At least for now.


  1. I love you and I am SO excited for you... no matter if we only get you back here for a short time. The two of you have had a wonderful adventure during your pre-marital life together and I am sure you're excite to see where forever takes you. YAY!!!

  2. I am so proud of both of you for following your dreams! So many people die where they are born without ever finding out what the world holds for them. But we will take you back for as long as your dreams keep you in Texas!