November 11, 2011

Café des Artistes
November 10-12th, 17th-20th -- All shows at 8pm
Greenspace Arts Collective Denton, Texas

Photo by Tiffany Hillan
"I look into your eyes. I see EVERYTHING. When I see EVERYTHING, I feel good. It feels so good when I see EVERYTHING"

Photo by Tiffany Hillan
"I am surrounded by distraction. Even the blood in my veins is a distraction. Who knows why, but it is"

Photo by Tiffany Hillan
"I don't know if anyone can plan to have a life like this."

Photo by Tiffany Hillan
"To be able to write while being observed-- seems to me an important test"

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  1. OKAY. so I got teary when I followed your link to this post.