May 17, 2012

Turning Point

I’ve come to realize lately that there is a turning point in every strange situation in which we find ourselves.

I use “strange” because I don’t necessarily want to use the word “bad” or “awkward” or “stressful,” or anything that has a definitively negative connotation. Sometimes a time in our lives is just…strange. Different. Something that keeps us awake at night with its insistent nagging at our brains or our hearts. Or both.

But these are never permanent. At least not in my experience. Each has lasted a different amount of time, but there’s always a turning point…a crossroads, if you will…that will either lead us deeper into strange or into a clearer state of mind.

A way out.

Sometimes it’s glaringly obvious, but other times it’s something small. Surprising, even. And then, before you know it, you’re sleeping peacefully again and the tightness in your chest has loosened and you forgot just how good it felt to fill your lungs completely with the fresh, clean air of clarity.

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  1. um, way too vague...i need some clarity regarding this post! :)