April 26, 2013


Baby R and I had our first baby shower on April 14th!  It was thrown by two of my favorite people ever, Jo and Amanda (keep reading and scrolling for a picture of these two beautiful women), and was intended to be the gathering for the younger and more "theatrical" (read: LOUD) set of friends that may or may not have been as comfortable at the shower with all the grandmothers and aunts. ;) 

This is a good time and place to say that I never expected to have more than one baby shower.  When we announced that Baby R was on the way, these two leapt at the opportunity to do this for us, and it is very humbling and overwhelming to know that they wanted to spend the time, energy and, let's face it, money to do this to celebrate the arrival of our first baby.

They went above and beyond my expectations.  Seriously, you guys, this shower was the stuff Pinterest dreams are made of. 

Now, I'm never one to balk at being the center of attention (I know what you're thinking...complete shock, right?), but when things like this happen I always feel like there's not an adequate way to say thank you enough.  Knowing that we (me and Michael and Baby R) have another two showers to look forward to is so humbling and overwhelming in the best way.  Truly, our cup runneth over with love and friendship.

Now, onto the fun pictures!! 

The welcome table!
Check out that INCREDIBLE spread!
I may or may not have had a small heart attack when I saw "68 days..."
We will just say I had only ONE of these cupcakes.  We'll be lying, but we'll say that!
Beautiful diaper cake (also containing burp cloths and blankets) made by Amanda! And how great is that sign?
One of 3 amazing beverages to choose from, served in mason jars with striped straws.
I got to keep that bunting! SO adorable.
Don't let that demure look fool you. I was very excited!
Onesie decorating station! Such a cute idea...and now Baby R has at least 20 things to wear.

I almost didn't say anything about this, but it's my blog and I do what I want. :) I do want to mention how grateful I am to those who took time out of their Sunday to attend the shower.  We invited and the hostesses prepared for a good 20+ people, since only one person RSVP'd that she wasn't going to be able to make it (and well ahead of time).  It was pretty embarrassing for me to know how much work was put into such a beautiful shower and to have so many of my friends not call the hostesses ahead of time to say they couldn't make it.  It was also a little disappointing, because I was hoping to spend some time with all our friends.  I guess I'm just a good ol' Southern gal who strongly believes in the necessity of the RSVP.  


That was just a small dent in what was a perfect day and a great party. The small group included almost all Moms (Jo is the only one without kids yet, but she loves babies and knows more about them than I do, probably!), and we were able to have amazing and hilarious conversations about labor & delivery, "down there" issues, boobs and such.  And everyone stayed so long, so I got to talk to everyone for a long time!

Jo, me, Amanda
Anna, me, Lydia (the SYTYCD crew!)
Brynne and me! Look at all that awesome color we're rocking.

I got a serious haul of both fun and useful gifts for Baby R -- it helps to have so many "been there done that" moms as friends!  They know what the good stuff is!  I can't wait to wash and put away all the sweet things for Baby R's nursery and start folding and hanging up those darling little clothes! 

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for pics from the Family Shower and the "Theatre Moms" shower! 

Party favors! Thank You CDs with songs about "Baby!"

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