May 9, 2013

Showered, Pt. 2

Last weekend was my second baby shower -- this one was for family and "family friends" -- people who have been in my life long enough to be pretty much considered family!  It was hosted by my two beautiful sisters-in-law (the very ones with whom I bake Christmas cookies every year), and it was a gorgeous shower.  Everything was gray and white and yellow, and there were chevrons (!!) and hydrangeas everywhere (my favorite flower!).

Baby R and I were very spoiled once again!  Now to find a place to put it all!

Look how cute we were as behbehs!
Hand sanitizer as shower favors! GREAT idea!
Look at those Muppet letter bibs!
Diaper Cake!

Hydrangeas -- my FAVORITE
These were UNFAIRLY delicious.
I mean, really, is there anything more delicious than Shower Punch?
Guests wrote me notes about each stage of the babies first year.
For our future Sox fan!
Custom-made crib skirt from my aunt!
Mom, me and Grandma
My sisters/hostesses!  Love these girls. My brothers have excellent taste in women.
One shower left on May 18th from my "theatre family!"

 OH AND ALSO on the day of the shower posted about here, Michael had a "diaper shower," in which all the guys in the family took him to lunch (burgers and beers and MANLY THINGS) and brought him a TON of diapers! So nice to already have a stash!

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