January 2, 2014

2013 -- A Year in Review

I still have at least one (maybe two?) Christmas posts I need to put up on the blog (I WILL write about my sisters' and my annual holiday cookie baking tradition, I WILL), and of course I now have a 6-month update looming as well (but those are always late; I'm on par for that one still)...

But I want to quickly remember 2013 while I can...

It's been a beautiful year. A hard year. A stressful year.  A scary year.  A year full of the most acute fear and all-encompassing joy.  A year of crippling doubt and anxiety and a year of constantly trying to release fear and trust that I've been given the tools I need to handle anything.

I posted this on New Year's Eve over on the Book of Faces:

I am still trying to figure out my new identity as Working Mom who Loves Theatre, and I am giving  myself a break on trying to figure that out RIGHT THIS MINUTE.  It will happen and it will be in good time. 

I'm also ready to start feeling healthy and in shape again (we'll count this statement as the Six Month Mind & Body Update, shall we?).  I have changed so much in how I view my body.  I love my body in a way I never have, because I know what it's capable of doing.  Buuuuttttt....my clothes are starting to get a little snug.  So I'm uncomfortable.  And ain't nobody got time or money to go buy new clothes just b/c I like having milkshakes and hamburgers.

Anywho...let's talk about 2013 before I start talking about all that I want to do in 2014.


Carmen had her first of two knee surgeries. It was tough on all of us, especially since she was hell-bent on removing her staples at every chance she got.


We reached the halfway point in my pregnancy with Baby R, got a great sonogram pic of him, managed to have the willpower to remain team green, and felt the baby kick for the first time


Went to the last SOFAR show of my pregnancy, and took my husband along with me!

Entered the third trimester!


Had my first baby shower and had maternity pictures taken by our dear friend and favorite photographer.


Carmen had ANOTHER KNEE SURGERY.  Reached full-term in the pregnancy.  Had my second baby shower.


Met the love of my life.


Had surgery after getting a terrible case of mastitis that turned into an abscess/MRSA. Struggled with more self-doubt and unnecessary self-deprecation and anxiety than ever in my life.  

But also had a LOT of love and cuddles from the boys in my life.


Went back to work (way too soon for my aching heart!). Struggled with finding a mental and emotional balance in being a working mom.  Watched my baby turn two months old!


Identified that I was dealing with some postpartum anxiety, and sought after therapy to learn how to cope with it.  Best decision ever.  My heart and mind have been healing long after my body healed from the birth and delivery. 

Celebrated 5 YEARS of marriage to this awesome fella:


Celebrated turning 32 with my husband, baby boy and my parents at the Dallas Arboretum.  Celebrated Z's first Halloween


Celebrated hubby's birthday, my newfound LOVE of babywearing and the confidence it's given me, and had Z's first Thanksgiving!


Spent some quality family time iced in with my family, and had our first Christmas as a family of three!


It was an amazing, fast-paced year, and I cannot wait to see what 2014 has in store for my husband and myself individually, for Z as he continues to grow and discover, for Carmen as she continues to figure out this new tiny human in her life, and for us as a family! 

Happy New Year, friends!

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