January 21, 2014

Z at Six Months

Well, the good thing about doing ALL of these monthly updates so late is that the pictures really are about a month apart...

Month six (and half of month seven) has been CRAZY busy!  We had ice days, Z's first Christmas and New Year's Eve/Day, and what seems like a million little changes to my baby boy every single day!

First of all...how is it that he's a half a year old? What happened to this guy?

Z is just such a joy in our life.  He's tempestuous, as is to be expected.   Most of the time he's smiling at any and every person he meets, belly laughing at peek-a-boo, and squealing with joy at his big sister Carmen. 

But he has his moods! If he doesn't like something or if he's teething or upset, watch out!

Speaking of teeth...

His bottom two teeth came in at the same time, and he was a sad little booger for a few days while they broke through.  Gone is his toothless, gummy smile that I loved so much!  He is looking more and more like a little boy!

He's such a funny little guy. He makes me smile all the time, even when I try to act frustrated that he's suddenly waking up in the middle of the night again like a newborn...

His first Christmas was so much fun...but also EXHAUSTING.  He was tired, we were tired...but he was spoiled by his many grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. 


He also came to the Sixth Annual Baking Day that I do with my sisters-in-law every December (which I fully intend to blog about I PROMISE):

He is rolling ALL OVER THE PLACE and will be across the room before you can blink your eyes.

He loves playing peek-a-boo and looking at his reflection in the mirror.

He has discovered his feet, and thinks that pulling his sock(s) off his HILARIOUS.

He is a new person every time I pick up him out of his crib in the morning, and it's both joyous and terrifying how quickly he is changing!

I love this happy boy more and more every day!

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  1. Ah...it is so bittersweet, isn't it? Good thing, at least I've found for myself, is that the wonder of a child's growth keeps happening with every new stage! Even as the kiddo gets bigger and you wave goodbye to the swing, then exersaucer, then (welp!) crib, new things come along that are even more wonderful! Doesn't make my heart any less sad...I just teared up yesterday when Bridget set up a stage for herself in the toy room, put out chairs for the audience (Mommy and Daddy), got herself dressed in full pop star regalia, dimmed all the lights, pulled out her echo microphone and sang along with her Barbie DVD music video...and remembered most of the words AND dance moves!! Who is she?! It was awesome and I tried so hard not to be sad about her growing up. Bittersweet :).