February 3, 2010


This blog will be short and sweet.

I'm finding myself getting more and more annoyed as I continue on my weight loss progress towards my goal(s).

I'm annoyed when people, even with the best of intentions of checking up on me and keeping me accountable, ask me what I'm eating every. damn. day. Like they're keeping tabs on my meals, as if I'll binge if they don't. I've got this...I really do.

I'm annoyed with all the varying pieces of advice I'm getting, unsolicited. "Don't make food a reward." "Cut out all your carbs." "Make sure you're not eating processed foods." "I can't believe you eat anything with white sugar."

I'm annoyed with any and all signs, ads, commercials, billboards, etc. that are offering SlimQuick, NutriSystem, The Hollywood Cookie Diet, ad nauseum. I can deal with Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig because I know they work for long-term changes.

I'm kind of annoyed when I tell people I'm doing the Komen 3-Day and they ask me ASININE, OBVIOUS questions such as "You know that's 60 miles, right?" "You know you sleep outside in tents, right?" OMG of course I do.

The end.


  1. Girl.

    With the exception of the 3-Day, I feel you 100%. I get all the same crap. You know what?! This is YOUR diet/lifestyle change. YOURS. You do it the way it works for YOU. [Have I made the "This is about YOU YOU YOU" part clear yet?!]

    I make food a reward sometimes, I eat processed food, I eat carbs and I LOVE WHITE SUGAR - and GASP! - I've lost 13 lbs in a month.


    YOU do this YOUR way.

    End rant.

    Oh - and I freaking love you and am so, so, SO proud of YOU!

  2. Mandy,

    You are awesome. Just keep doing what your doing. If it stops working, you'll figure it out. I have 100% faith that you will reach (and even exceed) your weight loss goals. Ignore everyone else. They are stupid.

    You. Freaking. Rock.