February 28, 2010

Partners in Crime

Sometimes in life, you get lucky to find a friend really early on who will be there at so many important events in your life. Your first college job, for example:

(God we look young) (and thin)

Your first college party (or parties):

(I promise we were 21...I think)

Someone who will, several years later, stand by you as your Matron of Honor on your wedding day:

Someone who, out of alllllll the people our age who are having babies, will incite the first genuine tears of happiness at this news from your not-quite-ready-yet self:

(At Anna's baby shower. Pardon my crazy red hair and crazy eyes)

And someone who, almost 10 years later, will come home from a long day of teaching and let you help give her sweet baby a bath, cook dinner for you, and share an evening of planning for the next big event together:

I am so excited that Anna and I will be doing yet another major event in our lives together.

From the college years, through boyfriends and finally to husbands, weddings and babies -- now as we both approach (gasp!!) 30 years of age, we will, yet again, be standing by one another for a new milestone as we walk 60 miles together in the fight against breast cancer.

I cannot wait to post the pictures of us together on the walk and as we cross the finish line together! I love you Anna Banana!

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  1. What a fantastic journey! Sounds like a terrific idea.