October 7, 2011

Birthday Week = Crazy Week

You guys, this week has been C-R-A-Z-Y. I knew it was gonna be. On Sunday night, I warned my husband that it was gonna be an absolutely ridiculous week and that we wouldn't get a whole lot of time together. It sucks when that happens, but it's nice when I know about it ahead of time, I guess.

I turned 30 this week. On Tuesday. It was....kind of awesome, actually. I'll post about it next week, when the official celebrations are all over (since I turned 30 on a Tuesday, we're having the big party with all my friends [including my very best friend Shelly] on Saturday night and a family gathering on Sunday, so...stay tuned), but suffice it for now to say that it's the best birthday I have had in YEARS. No, really. I put a lot of expectations on my birthdays for some reason, and not even consciously. I think I just still have a 5-year-old buried inside that expects it to be a day unlike any other day that year. Most years, I'm slightly disappointed. This year, I was blown away. Maybe my expecations have changed, or maybe my life is just kinda awesome, more so than ever before. I dunno. Either way, I'll talk about it more later.

So along with work and rehearsals, for which I have homework (but it's kind of an awesome kind of homework):

...and LOTS of work to do at work (including but not limited to putting together the Big Monthly Meeting I prepare every month and substitute teaching a College Writing I class) after those late nights of rehearsal and reading...I have had lots and lots and lots of caffeine this week.  It's done the bare minimum of keeping me awake and relatively alert for the things I have to to get done.

But the tired I'm feeling?  Is that really productive kind of tired.  I don't feel beaten down so much so that I don't wanna do the things I have to do.  I just am plugging along, enjoying it all, for the most part.  I think it's a good sign that I could handle going for that Master's degree, maybe.  I can get stuff done in the evenings, read the things I need to read, cook dinner, attend to my husband (heh), and keep a relatively clean (okay it's not clean at ALL) house, and still do my job. 

Hey, did I maybe turn into SuperWoman when I turned 30?  Because that would be kind of awesome.

But really, I'm really enjoying working on this show.  Re-reading all the Richard Foreman and Charles Mee texts and working with stuff I've written and created and discussing things with the cast to create something new and interesting and—hopefully—beautiful and meaningful.

(yes, that does say "Fuck Math!" at the top. You kinda had to be there.)

By the way, are you following the Sundown Tumblr to read about the actors' experiences during this process?  Because you should be.

Anywho, I'm SO VERY GLAD that it's Friday.  And that I'm coming up on a 4-Day weekend.  And that my bestie will be here tomorrow.  And that I get another night of talking about theatre and beautiful things with my cast.  And that I don't have to look good on Fridays, because there was just no way it was gonna happen today.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I'll be back next week with a post filled to the brim with birthday shenanigans!

Happy Friday!

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  1. I think the entire world had a week like this. Everyone I have talked to has commented about last week being insane. What's up, world?

    Happy Late Birthday! I'm glad it exceeded your expectations!