October 17, 2011


Remember when I blogged more often?  And then I'd go on a blogging drought and then write a post about how I used to blog more often?

Why do I suck at this so much?  Or am I just being hard on myself?  Yeah, that's probably it.  I HAVE A LOT GOING ON, YOU GUYS.

So I turned 30.  It was awesome.

Before I turned 30, I vlogged about turning 30.  Then I posted it on my Facebook page and offended some people because I said "old people are sad" on my vlog about 50 times.  So then I felt awkward about vlogging about turning 30. 

But turning 30?  Very cool.  Best birthday EVER.  I woke up to this:

Yep.  John Paul White, one half of the duo also known as The Civil Wars, (remember when I saw them play a short set at Good Records in Dallas?) sent me a Happy Birthday tweet.  The best part?  The "ma'am."  He is from the deep south, y'all, and that accent just gets me all twitterpated (see what I did there?). 

Then, when I got to work and turned on the Halifax radio station I listen to online, Live 105, my Canadian (and Halifax-resident) buddy Mike had emailed in a Happy Birthday dedication to me, which was Hope & Ruin by The Trews.  So that was about 10 kinds of awesome. Thanks Mike and to Christina from the Midday Meltdown for the birthday shout-out!

Then my amazing and adorable husband kidnapped me and took me to lunch at Chuy's (best. fajitas. ever.) where I got free sopapillas and had a margarita.

I also got a coupon to go to the zoo for their Halloween event ("Boo at the Zoo!") and a gift certificate to a local salon & spa as birthday gifts from my husband.  AWESOME.

Of course there were a gazillion texts, phone calls, tweets and Facebook messages.  Gotta love social media for making a girl feel loved on her birthday!

Then came the weekend and the big party.  Oh GOD, the big party.  Let's just say that my best friend came to town -

and SHE had organized for my friend Abby to show up and surprise me...

There were two cakes (one of which was filled with and surrounded by strawberries soaked in cherry brandy and then dipped in chocolate), and the obligatory candles...

We closed the place down and then some.  I'm told I had a GREAT time.  I'd post more pictures, but a) Shelly hasn't gotten them off her camera and sent them to me yet, and b) I'm not sure they can or should be seen...will let you know if any make it through my internet filter.

So yeah!  Turning 30. NOT BAD. 

But other than that...I don't have a whole lot to blog about.  I haven't been running.  I haven't even missed running until this past weekend, when I suddenly felt like I should go on a run and SOON before the window of time is closed.  And it will close soon, because of all the work that's about to get insane(ly awesome) with my show, which opens on November 10th.

Until then...I'll try to be less blah about blogging.  Blahgging. 

I amuse myself. 

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