November 10, 2008

A Giant disappointment

photo from Yahoo! sports

I love that Andy Reid is quite obviously saying "WTF?!" in this picture. Because I felt the exact same way after the Giants successfully challenged a flag for an illegal pass made by Eli Manning in the 3rd quarter of last night's game.

Dude. He was over the line.

Normally, I do not like to blame the outcome of a game on a blown call, because then it just looks like sour grapes. But seriously...even the announcers were on my side last night. It was a bad call. And it gave the Giants a touchdown that could've easily been the game-winner for them.

Now, I pride myself on being enough of an Eagles fan to say that there's a great possibility that, even had that call stood the way it was on the field, the Eagles probably still would've struggled and possibly even lost the game anyway.

But it makes one wonder.

Alas, the NFC east rivalry game was everything everyone thought it would be. Including those of us in the OperaHaus. We're never surprised to be disappointed. It comes with the territory. But, at least we expect it. We expect them to fail, so in that regard, they never let us down.

A friend of mine last night discovered that we liked the Eagles, and her comment was, "I don't even think people who like the Eagles actually like the Eagles, do they?" Too true...too true.

A lot of people give us a hard time about this, but I just say we're realistic. Nobody can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory quite like our Philadelphia Eagles. And at least we're honest when our team sucks, and we expect more from them (like, oh I don't know....touchdowns from the red zone occasionally). Whereas Tony Romo could light an orphanage on fire, and yet still Dallas fans would find a way to rationalize that those orphans had it comin' to them.

Somebody's gotta stop these Giants though. Perhaps the Ravens feel up to it?

Ugh...I've got a bad feeling about this. But, that's par for the course.

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