November 14, 2008

Let's Call the Whole Thing Off

I say "Christian organization," you say "Gay Hate Group."

I just read this article on Perez Hilton's blog regarding Focus on the Family announcing layoffs.

Let me just offer up a small disclaimer that I only know a tiny bit about Focus on the Family from my years of listening to the Christian radio station way back in the day, so for all I know, they may be a "gay hate group" as Perez calls them.

However, I don't think that simply acting on their beliefs about Prop 8 because of their beliefs and interpretation of the Word (many of which I likely agree with) make them a hate group.

Hate is a strong word, Perez.

I personally don't think that it should have passed, because who am I to judge the action of men (or women)? Do I condone homosexuality? No. Do I hate homosexuals because of that? Absofreakinglutely NOT.

The two are mutually exclusive. Believe it or not.

Consider I condone the actions of a family member who was put in prison for several years for drugs and theft? Not in the slightest. Do I hate him? Of course not.

I subscribe to the Word of God, who considers all sins to be the same.

Strong action against what many think is a sin is not the same thing as "hate."

That just rubbed me the wrong way this morning, so I had to share.

Back later, with more better (and lighter) stuff.


  1. I agree. I think if people who are opposed to proposition 8 can make their voice heard, I think it is only fair for the opposite. *sigh* Some of these "Celebs" I seriously feel bad for them.
    By the way, I am so excited for you about your house. It is going to be so neat to start your family there.

  2. Hey! Thanks for dropping by at my place, and good to see you again! And recently married? Congratulations!

    Would you like a link? Drop me a line and let me know.