August 25, 2011

That Other Thing in my Blog Title


Just the other day I was thinking to myself, "Self! Your blog is called 'Music and Baseball,' and yet you NEVER talk about baseball!" Self was right. I do LOVE baseball. Love love LOVE it. But I don't really blog/write about it. Why? Because I'm not a sports blogger. There are others out there who would do a MUCH better job writing about games/players, etc. I just love watching it.

Last night, some friends of ours we haven't spent time with in FOREVER scored some pretty sweet seats to the Rangers game and, since the Red Sox (OUR TEAM!!) were in town for a 4-game series, they invited us!

I absolutely love the Ballpark in Arlington (even though now we have to pass by the Death Star aka Cowboys Stadium [gag] to get there), and I just LOVE being at baseball games.

There was a teeeeeeeeny tiny little bit of rain that came through Dallas right before the game (what a tease you are, Rain) that cooled things down to a nice, breezy 85 degrees -- which felt like HEAVEN -- and gave us some lovely clouds.

The Rangers got a pretty good thumping from Josh Beckett and the Red Sox (final score: 13-2), and since we were only about 20-ish rows behind the Red Sox dugout, I was geeking out nonstop at being so close to all my boyfriends and husbands on the Red Sox roster. 

I was gonna talk about how much I hate it when good-natured trash-talking crosses the line into people being jackasses, but I don't wanna talk about the negative.  We had a GREAT time at the game! 

I also ran into LAURA and her boyfriend Matt after the game, but I was STUPID and forgot to snap a quick picture.  BAD Blogger!

I did manage to get video of the beast that is Jonathan Papelbon delivering the final strike for the last out of the game (notice how many Rangers fans are left...NOT MANY) and a picture of the Red Sox on the field after the game.

(ETA: that video quality is CRAP!  Watch it in HD here on Vimeo instead)

Then I had to snap a picture of the Death Star on the walk back to the car...because even though it is the Place Where Evil is Created, it is quite pretty all lit up at night:

All in all it was a VERY fun night of baseball! Thanks again to our friends Aaron and Ashley for the great seats and thank you to the RED SOX for just being amazing. Go Sox!

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  1. Love it! I was so happy to run into you and finally meet your husband!