August 23, 2011

Tuesday Tunes -- Manic Bloom, "In Loving Memory"

I had a TOTALLY different blog post in mind for Tuesday Tunes today, but when I got to work and opened up my social networking sites, I did a big ol' Homer Simpson "D'OH!" because I had TOTALLY FORGOTTEN that today is a very special day for my friends in the Nashville-based melodic rock band Manic Bloom.

First of all, I feel a bit pretentious calling them my "friends."  Yes, I have met them a few times and I got some hugs and such (be jealous...they ARE as gorgeous as they look on t.v./the internet).  But how did I find out about them?  I actually went to church back in high school with their keyboard player, Jeff (they call him "Hildee." I just can't...he's always Jeff to me stubborn I guess!).  When I reconnected with him on Facebook, I found out he was in this band, and that they were going to be playing in Arlington (about an hour from where I live), so I drove out there one night to say hi to Jeff and check out the band.

I. Loved. Them.

Seriously, I haven't rocked out that much at a concert since I was in the early days of college.  (I know you're looking at that picture of me on the sidebar and laughing uproariously at the thought of me "rocking out" to anything, was my own white-girl version of rocking out, so SHUT UP!)

Since then I've also seen them play IN Nashville (BFF girls trip back in January) and again when they played at an event where I work (on a college campus). 

So what's so special about today?  TODAY they released their very first official music video for the track "Death and Conversation" off their album In Loving Memory.  Check out the vid:

I had a HUGE smile on my face when I was done watching the video.  SUPER proud of these guys!!  They'll be playing here in Denton again at the UNT Friends & Family weekend on September 24th, and I can't WAIT to hug all of them and hear them play again!

Also? You should TOTALLY get the album on iTunes.  It's really really good, and perfect for getting you through those tough last few minutes/miles of a workout (believe me...I know from experience).

Plus?  They are just kind, funny, caring guys who happen to also be immensely talented. And funny.  And talented.  (seriously, check out some of the other videos on their YouTube'll crack up)

So today?  Enjoy some MANIC BLOOM! 

Party on, Garth! /really bad air guitar


  1. Mandy, thank you so much for taking the time to dedicate an entire blog entry to us. It's stuff like that that keeps us going. Hopefully we'll have some new music to perform by the time we make it back to Denton in September. Keep spreading the bloom, my friend. Talk to you soon.
    -Hildee (Jeff)

  2. Thanks so much for the post! And don't worry, we can all say that you are a friend, not just a fan. We can't wait to come back to Denton. Cya soon.

    -Manic Bloom

  3. This is amazing! Thank you so much Mandy! So glad to have people like you in the Manic Bloomin' World!