December 12, 2011

#reverbbroads11 Day 12: Guilty Pleasures

Well, so I'm not so good at the blogging over the weekend...I'm okay with that.  So without further ado, here's today's prompt from Neha:

Name and explain the one guilty pleasure you can't live without.  ie: that cupcake shop you visit weekly, a book you repeatedly read to find solace in, etc).  Then explore the idea of how you would feel if you gave that thing up for a year.

Hmm....well, I guess the idea of this is that it should be something I feel guilty about or, at the very least, embarrassed to admit to people...and I am kind of known for owning up to my quirks proudly and loudly. 

This is tough!

I suppose if I had to choose, it'd be coffee/caffeine.  I love coffee so much that it's bordering on obsession.  When I was in Seattle and Portland last week, I felt like I had arrived on the MOTHER SHIP of coffee obsession.  The original Starbucks.  Stumptown.  Tully's.  Home-brewed and ground coffee that my friends made.  COFFEE COFFEE EVERYWHERE.

So. Many. Profile pictures of me drinking coffee. 

So...yeah.  I know that it's not good to have too much caffeine. It'll stunt my growth (at 5'3" I'm not too fussed about that).  It'll stain my teeth.  Blah blah blah.  But I love it.  I love the comfort of the warm mug.  I love the way it smells.  I love the different ways it can be brewed and flavored.  I love the conversation that happens across the tops of two steaming cups between friends. 

If I had to give it up for a WHOLE YEAR?  I'd be very very very sad, and I'd try to find a loophole.  Can I have decaf? Can I have TEA?  It would be a very sad year, indeed.
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  1. I am currently trying to give up soda for awhile, which means no diet coke. So tuff. I have resorted to just "cut back". I also love my Low-Carb Monsters. Don't know what i'd do if I couldn't have them for a year.