December 13, 2011

#reverbbroads11 Day 13 -- Well if you're asking me to brag...

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!  On with the prompt for today! Today's prompt comes from the lovely Catie, whom I know from the 7 Days group on Flickr:

What are three things you are better at than most people?

Well if this prompt isn't just asking me to brag about myself, I suppose I don't mind doing that! 

1) Singing

I guess this is the obvious one.  Though, I don't think that I'm "better than most people."  I think I'm good...I think there are songs/roles I do better than others.  But, I have a strong belief that anyone can be taught to sing. It's harder to teach musicianship than actual technique, which is a conversation I have with my opera singer/voice teacher husband all the time. 

But I'm happy to have had the training I have had...and I'd love to take more lessons and get better.  But since it's just a hobby of mine, it sadly falls to the wayside and I only get to sing at the occasional cabaret (like in the clip below) or if I audition for and get cast in a show.  More clips are here (if I weren't a shameless self-promoter, I'd be nothing). 

2) Empathy

I wear my heart on my sleeve...I mean why not?  It goes with just about all of my outfits. 

No, but seriously...I'm a very emotional person and it's hard for me not to feel things strongly when they are affecting those that I love or care about.  Hell, even when I watch certain movies/t.v. shows/theatre pieces, I find myself emotionally invested to sometimes extreme levels.  (Example: when we saw Ragtime on Broadway in December of 2008, I was WEEPING after the Act I much so that when the lights came up and the woman next to me saw me sobbing, she couldn't get out of the aisle quickly enough.  Ha!)

Sometimes I curse myself for being so emotionally aware...but I think it makes me a better friend, wife, listener, audience member, what have you.  Now when it makes me get all teary-eyed in a meeting or something, that's not so fun...

3) .......


I'm starting to be uncomfortable with this topic...


Being Photographed

I've always been told that I'm very photogenic.  I think this is to make up for the fact that I'm only 5'3", I have thick legs and a round butt and ZERO waistline...and flat feet.  I mean I got all the "wrong" qualities from the "wrong" parents.  My mom's legs and my dad's butt (this is getting weird) would've been better than the other way 'round. 


I've got really decent skin (read: great, actually. I rarely break out...too badly.) and great hair!

And I've learned how to find my good side in photos and angle my face so as to minimize the double chin, how to turn my body so that it appears as though I have a waist, get the idea.  I also kind of think I have a great smile.  So that helps. 

Photo by Lindsay

All natural.  A photo I did for the 7 Days fall cycle.

 Okay okay stop making me talk about myself!  I'm gonna go read other people's blogs on this prompt and go tell them how awesome they are to balance out the karma of bragging.

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  1. Beautiful singing and you are crazy photogenic! I have the opposite talent...