November 7, 2013

Z at Four Months

Check out those delicious hands/fingers!  Couldn't get him to take his fingers out of his mouth for the pictures this month...methinks we might see the beginnings of little baby teeth sooner than later!  He always has his hands or something in his mouth these days!

Month four was very exciting for our little guy!  He got to visit the Dallas Arboretum and Spiral Diner for mommy's birthday...(EDITED TO ADD: I just realized all of these Arboretum/Pumpkin pics were in the last post, too. Oh well...sorry! You get to see them again!)

....and he had his very first Halloween!  A week before Halloween, he had "Halloween Pajama Day" at his school, and they did some really freakin' cute Halloween-themed artwork for us to take home.  Then on Halloween itself, we dressed up in our planned-for-months-before-we-knew-we-were-pregnant family costume!

 He is hitting so many awesome milestones this month!  He is now a pro at tummy time and doing baby pushups, and he is rolling from back to front, and then front to back!  He's decided that sleeping on his tummy is the cool way to sleep, and he is laughing more and more (it's the best sound in the world, by the way).

He's so strong!  When he's reclined, I only have to pull gently on his arms to get him into a seated position -- he uses his own core muscles to do most of the work.  And he's already straightening his legs and putting weight on them for a few seconds at a time.  He's going to be all over the place before we know it.

At his four-month check-up at the pediatrician's office, he weighed 16lbs and was 24.5 inches long!  The doctor is thrilled with his growth and his development.  He cried when he got his shots, but Daddy was there to comfort him and he calmed down pretty quickly.  Brave boy.

He's learning object permanence.  He's happy as a clam when we're around and he's playing on a blanket on the floor, but he starts crying as soon as he realizes we're no longer in his sight.  (True or False: Mommy likes this? Means he misses us, right?)  (Or just wants attention...)

He's just getting so fun.  So happy, so generous with his smiles, and really interacting with people and objects around him more and more!  He's just perfect.

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