November 18, 2013

Outfits of the Day

Last week's/today's outfits!  (Obviously, anyone who can count and knows the number of days in a week knows that there is an outfit or two missing...but sometimes I can't find time to go and awkwardly take a selfie in the break room bathroom.) (Or I just really dressed like crap that day.)

Left to Right:

Cardigan: Old Navy party cardi.  Thrifted.

Tank: Old Navy (there's a really pretty floral embellishment on the side, covered by the cardigan)

Pants and shoes: same as seen here.

Black and Grey top: Old Navy (sensing an Old Navy trend...)

Skirt: Stitch Fix.  Worn with same tights and shoes as seen here.

Leopard print dress: Phillip Lim for Target.

Purple long-sleeved shirt: Old Navy. 

Scarf and necklace: Gifted and Thrifted

Jeans: MATERNITY SKINNY JEANS, YO.  No shame here!


As the weather goes up and down here in North Texas, it gets really difficult to dress appropriately. Mornings require a heavy coat that leaves you sweating when you leave at 5pm.  I'm anxious for the weather to even out a bit. 

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