November 11, 2013

Outfit of the Day

Playing some catch up today!  Last week was a bit crazy.  I had my Big Monthly Meeting on Wednesday, and that always takes up a huge portion of my time and energy.  I also got the wind knocked out of my sails on Friday with a monster migraine, so there are a few outfits missing.  I'm actually wearing the red dress and tights in the top left photo TODAY. 

I wore a lot of black this past week!  I think I need to work on integrating some more colors into my wardrobe.  The red dress and that bright blue blouse are a start, but I do wear a LOT of black. 

Also shown in this collage are two things I LOVE about fall fashion: boots and patterned nights! 

Most of the things in this collage are repeats.  The red dress was last seen here.  The blue top was seen here, and the skirt is from my first Stitch Fix.  You've seen (and will see) the black cardigan MANY times.  The slacks and black draped neck top in the top right picture are both from Kohl's.  The leopard print flats are from Target and the shiny black shoes are another favorite you've seen before

One thing I've found that I need is MOAR CARDIGANS.  I love them so much, but I'm not very adventurous with them re: mixing and matching yet.  I'm going to work on that. I love this black cardigan with my whole heart but I need to start wearing other ones and mixing up my look a little.

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