May 25, 2011

Who Am I This Time? (an existential rambling of sorts)

When I was in junior high/early high school and really starting to get into the "Drama Club" and beginning theatre arts classes, we did a short play called Who Am I This Time? I don't remember anything about it.  I even looked it up on Google and Wikipedia yesterday and any information I found on it was absolutely unhelpful and unfamiliar to me.  Maybe I just sat by the tape recorder for that one and hit play for the handful of sound cues we might have had.  Maybe I just spent the time crushing hard on one of the stage crew boys. I have no idea why I don't remember anything about it.

But I remember the title.

And it's been stuck in my head as this blog post has been brewing.  I've noticed that the most popular Bloggers and Tweeters (is it okay to call them that? I have no idea what the alternative is...) have a definite identity about them. My own favorites are usually specific to one genre or area of "expertise," if you will.  They are musicians or Healthy Living/Fitness aficionados or spiritual leaders or get the idea.

I find myself leaning towards those different areas of my life at different times with my "online persona."  Sometimes I will go weeks only tweeting and blogging about performing.  Other times I get on a kick with my goals for a healthier lifestyle.  Sometimes I'm just plain old Mandy, tweeting and blogging about my day-to-day life at work/home or out with friends or in front of my television with a book and a puppy in my lap.

Sometimes I feel like this makes me look flaky to others... 

But....why do I allow this to stress me out?  I guess we'll call it that age-old desire to be liked and accepted by anyone and everyone -- even strangers.  There are days when I shake my fists at the heavens and cry out "WHY?!  Why do I caaaaaaaaaaaare?"  (Okay so maybe not quite that melodramatic.) 

But then I remember...I am me.  I am wonderfully made.  I am not one particular thing or another.  I can't adhere to one certain identity because I am...quite simply...not that simple.

I am so many things:

A Performer and Music Lover

An aspiring runner and Healthy Living advocate

A Christian

A Goofball

A Wife and Mommy

A Nerd

A Reader

A Sports Fan

A Friend

I am grateful and thankful that I cannot be easily placed into one category or another. 

I praise the fact that I am a bit complicated and unpredictable at times. 

I value the variety and diversity of interests, and am striving to add more to the list. 

Not being easily defined is, when you stop and think about it, a pretty awesome compliment. 

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  1. That last sentence is the best. And the one that makes the most sense. You're awesome!