July 22, 2011

Fitness Friday -- Now with Live Tracking!

So on Monday of this week, I got my early birthday present:

That's right, folks!  I am now a VERY happy owner of an iPhone 4.  I splurged and got the Otterbox case for it, because I am one clumsy MoFo, and since I plan to take the thing running with me, I need something durable.  I didn't want the Otterbox at ALL at first, because they're a little bulky.  But I'm happy with my decision.  And the guy who sold it to me told me I'm "definitely a pink person," so I got one in pink and black.  Woo hoo!

One of the most exciting things about this new phone is that, with the iMapMyRun app, I can turn on a live tracker while I run!  GPS capabilities track my route for me and! if I so choose! I can turn on "live tracking" so that others with the app/with an account can follow me along my route!  How cool is that??

So, Wednesday morning, I got up super early and decided to run outside (rather than on the indoor track at the gym) so I could test out the app.  Not ONLY did I love the application, but I noticed that I took an entire MINUTE off of my per/mile time!  I'm still slow as molasses, but to me, this was a HUGE accomplishment!  

I used the app again this morning and was about 30 seconds slower, but I also stopped to take some photos with my fancy new HD iPhone camera, so maybe that had something to do with it.  

I also love that I can listen to my iPod WHILE I'm tracking.  Here's today's playlist:

I nearly died when "Kill the Lights" came on.  It's a tough one to keep your own pace to, if you're not used to running that fast. But it was a great motivator.  AND I couldn't have planned a more perfect cool down/stretch song than "On My Knees" by Seryn.  Awesomesauce.

So! Here's my weekly recap:

Saturday: Yoga in the morning
Sunday: SYTYCD "Cardio Funk" workout (nearly killed me)
Monday: Nothing.  Too sore to move.
Tuesday: Nothing, because I was lazy and used my book club meeting as an excuse.
Wednesday: 2.72 miles running
Thursday: Nothing (unless sex counts.  Shut up and don't look so shocked! I'm married!)
Friday: 2.69 miles running

Whew!  AND!!!! AND!  I lost weight!  I'm down about 2lbs since last Friday, so what a fun week, huh?  I'm excited to keep going!

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