July 8, 2011

Fitness Friday -- Y U No Here, Motivation?

This is the face of someone giving herself a very half-hearted thumbs up for an attempt at getting back into something resembling a "groove" today.  I ran for the first time since last Friday, and it was my first time at the gym since Tuesday of this week, when I did the elliptical machine for 35 minutes.

I've just...lost my motivation.  I will attribute some of it to the fact that my week's have been all wonky what with vacation days and holidays, and I really do thrive on a routine (M/W/F running, T/Th cross-training/weights).  And I'll give like a half percent of it to the existence of PMS and another half a percent to the EFFING TERRIBLE HEAT:

But I know those are just excuses. Since the shingles slowed me down, I've lost a lot of momentum.  I've been a little busier in the evenings with plans with family/friends the last couple of weeks, but again...that's no excuse. 

Time to get back ON THE WAGON, so to speak.  I'm ready to feel accomplished again by the end of a week...like I've earned those weekend rest days. 

So, here's a half-hearted thumbs up to me for getting back out there and doing SOMETHING today, rather than letting my weaksauce week of working out get to me, and rather than allowing myself to think "Well I have already sucked this week, may as well start fresh Monday."  Nope.

As Heather says, "Make one healthy decision.  Now make another."  So this week is in the past, and we can make today a start into getting the momentum back. 

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