October 29, 2008

Another Perspective -- Voting for McCain/Palin

Ask and ye shall receive! Since I posted my friend's perspective recently on why he chose to vote for Obama/Biden, I was hoping that someone would post, in response, why he/she chose to vote for McCain/Palin. A very dear friend from high school (has it really been almost 10 years since I've seen him??) indulged me. Here is his response:

Hey! I'm voting for McCain/Palin for a number of reasons. But here are the

1 Economy: A free market economy needs less regulation to thrive. Our economy has grown to be the strongest in the world based on these principals. I was against the bail out package and I am against bigger government.

2.Taxes: I believe that America should have a flat tax with no write offs, deductions or IRS. Increased taxes on upper and middle class will have a negative impact economic growth. Less money will mean less growth in small companies and corporate america. I love the idea of socialism. However, it has proven ineffective in many Eastern European and Asian countries over the last century. Whether democratic of totalitarian socialism the leadership has proven to become corrupted. Increased laws and regulations undoubtedly stifle economic growth and citizens end up with a lower, albeit equal quality of life. The rich Americans should be helping out the less fortunate. I do not believe that government should be the one giving handouts. I should choose where my money goes and how much to give.

3. Energy: I believe that energy will work itself out. The government should not subsidize solar, wind, or any other alternative energy source. When fuel prices get as high as they did Americans began addressing the problem itself. T. Boone Pickens and others have privately funded solar energy and natural gas growth. I hate our energy dependence on anti-american middle eastern countries and venezuela. But the way to solve it is by letting our free market economy work.

4. Abortion: Abortion is an issue that I am not willing to waiver on. In my opinion life begins the second an egg is fertilized and no one but God has the right to take that life.

In general I believe in smaller government. I can make better decisions with my retirement, health care, and charity than government. I'd be happy to talk more. I love politics!

I think this is really a turning point for America. Are we going to continue doing what got us here, or change direction and follow the role of Western Europe? I don't care how people vote, just be informed and take the time to invest in our future.

Well said! I learned a few things from his perspectives, that's for sure.

In response to his comments, another friend posted the following:

I agree. This is a huge turning point for our country. This election is about one issue to me. Capitalism vs. Socialism. I don't think capitalism is perfect, but without question Capitalism is far more superior than Socialism.

I don't currently make over $250,000/year, but:

a. I work for a company that does = lower wages for me in the future.

b. I own stocks in companies that Obama calls "Big Business"

c. I own stocks

d. I have a very small business and in my absurd "pursuit of happiness", hope to work very hard and grow this business into a bigger one, thus making lots of money. I don't want to give 35-60% of this money to the government. I would like to hire people and create opportunity.

e. I, like McCain, think that it is not government's responisibility to redistribute our money. I would rather trust my money invested in free market.

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