October 27, 2008

A Perspective -- "Why I Voted"

An old friend posted this as a note on Facebook, and I have copied it here, with his permission. I thought it was extremely well written and well thought out. Thanks for writing it, A!

Today I exercised my civil duty and right as part of participatory
democracy. I thought I would take a few moments to clarify my standings this

I didn’t vote for Obama because of his stance on abortion. I’m a firm
believer in human life, however after watching complete republican control for 6
of the last 8 years do NOTHING about it; I have come to the conclusion that it’s
not going to change in America in my lifetime.

I didn’t vote for Obama because of his stance on homosexuality. Although I believe it is wrong, I also realize it really doesn’t have anything to do with me. If two men want to get married, it in NO WAY affects the marriage between my wife and I. It will not ‘lower’ public opinion about marriage between a man and woman.

I voted for Obama because I’m a republican. I feel that the Republican Party has taken a dangerous swerve to the far right. When I hear people whisper Obama’s full name, trying to pursued[sic] people he’s something he’s not- it frightens me. Even IF Obama was Muslim or believed in any other religion… would it actually matter? Because someone’s skin color, religion or creed is different than mine, does that mean they’re ineligible to be my president?

I voted for Obama because America used to be great. I say used to be because we’ve let our educational system fail ourselves, yet we haven’t been able to fix it. We tried to leave no child behind, but ended up leaving a whole system behind. It’s going to take a lot more than standardized tests to make sure we’re not graduating high school seniors graduate without being able to read.

I voted for Obama because I’m a conservative Christian and he is also a Christian. Obama’s social views more closely align to how my religion dictates we should treat other people. He also conducts himself more like a Christian that most other of those who swing to the religious right. I’m tired of hearing about all the adulterous, lying, cheating, lewd, swindling politicians who wave the flag of being a conservative Christian, but act nothing of the sort.

I voted for Obama because I feel he has a closer grip to reality on what’s happening to America’s economy. More importantly he knows it’s a global economy. He understands that in order for America to be successful, we cannot be an island unto ourselves. It’s OKAY, no actually it’s GOOD that he wants to sit down and TALK to foreign leaders. We shouldn’t bomb everyone who disagrees with us.

I voted for Obama, because I voted for George W. Bush twice. Bush led us
valiantly into a war against terror; then into a war against Iraq. And after
that, I lost a childhood friend in the never-ending war. I also have a brother
who served two long tours in the war. A war that we probably shouldn’t be in but
nonetheless we are in: and someone is going to have to figure out to get us out

I voted for Obama because I’m a tax paying citizen. I am not a member of
the top 1% earners in the country making over $250,000, so under Obama’s tax
plan I don’t really face paying more taxes. However if I did, hopefully I would
realize that with great privilege comes great responsibility. Because I simply
have more money doesn’t make me better than anyone, but increases my personal
burden to help take care of those who can’t take care of themselves. I do
understand concern over taxes, but also realize that sometimes things cost
money. We can talk all day about cutting pork-barrel spending, eliminating waste
etc. There are beneficial programs that our government runs that shouldn’t be
arbitrarily cut while military spending continues at record levels.

I voted for Obama because I’m a father. I want to see my children grow up in a better country than we are in right now. I want them to be in a place where they don’t have to worry about terrorists lurking at any corner waiting to strike them
down. But a place where they also don’t have to worry about the government
lurking at every corner watching what they’re doing. A country where they can
hang their heads high, knowing that the government has THEIR PEOPLE’s best
interest at heart.

I voted for Obama because I think it’s a little ostentatious to call yourself a maverick to a system that you’ve been a part of for 36 years.

I voted for Obama because I AM a Christian. I have sat besides people in
worship who have spoken words like ‘I don’t know how someone can be a Christian
and vote for Obama.’ I’m sorry, but that’s wrong. I’m tired of seeing a system
that vilifies people based on political leanings and party stances, and that
somehow only one party can be Christian. When will people learn that it’s okay
to disagree?I voted for Obama because neither the left nor the right is correct
all the time. I could go on, but I hope you get the point…


  1. I love this. Tell your friend that he's got a way with words. Beautifully, written. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Wow. This is amazing. I actually got teary eyed. He is dead on. I wish I could re-post this too. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Anyone is more than welcome to repost... I'm glad that some people were able to read it for what it's worth. Thanks!