October 22, 2008

Pandora's Box

I know I'll probaboy sound as if I've just crawled out from underneath a rock by saying this, but to be fair, the rock under which I lived didn't allow streaming radio.

Pandora is my most recent discovery and subsequent obsession. I. Am. In LOVE.

For my first station attempt, I simply typed in "Michael Bublé," because he was the first artist that popped into my head. Suddenly I was treated to a selection of wonderful "dinner music," including Mr. Bublé, Frank, Dean, Nat, etc.....(doesn't Nat King Cole's voice always make you think of Christmas, just automatically? It does for me. Anyway, I digress...)

Later in the morning, I decided I wanted a different flavor, so I typed in Billy Joel. Now I've got an amazing selection of works from Billy, Elton, Queen, CCR, The Eagles, The Beatles, etc. I'm in HEAVEN.

It's like they are READING MY MIND (which, after seeing Eagle Eye, is a bit scary)!!!

If you haven't discovered Pandora, click immediately on this link, and begin creating your station. GO! It's free! It's easy! You'd be silly not to!

1 comment:

  1. Ohhh, thanks for this! I had heard about "Pandora" but had no clue what it was! :)