October 10, 2008


See, I promised I'd blog again soon. :)

Good news this week! I was offered a job at my alma mater, and I accepted! This is a prime example of God working in our life before we even knew it. Here's a little backstory...

When we decided to move back to Texas from Boston, we had two options: 1)we could begin applying for jobs, hope to get an offer, then move back, or 2)we could move back on a wing and a prayer (or lots) and start looking for work ASAP. We decided on option 2, and for a while now recently I've been wondering whether or not that was the right decision.

Fast forward to our wedding, which was two weeks after we made The Big Move. My boss from a job I worked as a student employee my last semester was in attendance. I jokingly asked her if she needed anyone in her office, and to my surprise she answered that she was going to be posting a position soon, and to call her when we returned from the honeymoon.

Fast forward to now. Over the past few weeks, I've been in contact with her so that I would know when the job was posted officially, and the correct avenues to take in order to apply. I interviewed on Monday of this week, and was made an offer on WEDNESDAY!! Praise God!

I don't normally like to pray for specific things; I prefer to tell God that I want His will done in my life. However, I was praying hardcore for this specific job. There are many reasons why (most of them financial...we were going to be in a world of hurt soon, if I hadn't started earning a paycheck soon), but I think the biggest reason was that I feel comfortable there. I know that I can really launch a career there. I can start taking classes towards a Master's degree eventually. I mean the list of "pros" of this job goes on and on and on.

I feel SO blessed, and Operaboy is equally excited for me. He actually jumped up and down when I told him I got the offer. Cute. :)

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers and good vibes over the past month. More are certainly appreciated as I begin the job and as Operaboy still looks for work.


  1. I'm so happy for you! :)

    We need to celebrate!

  2. Yay Mandy! Congrats. :) A celebration is definitely in order. I hope your first day is a good one.