September 8, 2011

A Kiss Story on National Kiss Day

I've been told (via Twitter, where everything is true) that it's "National Kiss Day," so I thought I'd honor a day about such a fun activity with a story about one of my favorite kissing memories.  Enjoy.

As the movie ended and the opening bars of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” began to play, he stood up. I sat up and looked up at him, slightly confused. Was this my cue to leave?

He held out a hand, which I tentatively grabbed, and pulled me up close to him again. Before I knew what was happening, he had circled my waist (much smaller at the time) with his right arm and held my right hand with his left…and we began to dance. In the darkened living room, lit only by the credits rolling on the television, we danced to my favorite song.

My heart raced as the cadence of the song was finally reached, knowing what was going to happen next and feeling excited and terrified at the same time. I raised my eyes with great effort to meet his, and the emotion in his eyes made my breathing even more labored than it had been while we were dancing.

And then the world moved in slow motion.

As his arm around my waist pulled me in so close to his body that not even a sheet of paper would have fit between us, I felt his own heart beating next to mine. His left hand dropped my right one and moved to my face. In one fluid, but excruciatingly, wonderfully slow motion, he tilted my chin up towards his face and moved his face closer. By this point I made no attempt to hide the breath catching in my throat. I allowed my lips to part slightly, knowing I needed to keep breathing, and I felt his own breath, mere millimeters from mine.

When his lips finally made contact with mine and his arm around me tightened, my heart exploded into that painfully beautiful feeling that is the first stirring of teenage angst and emotion. I never knew a boy’s lips could be this soft when his hold was so strong and firm. I wanted to laugh, cry, collapse…all at the same time.

The kiss finally ended, and I reluctantly opened my eyes. The hand on my face moved my hair out of my eyes so that I could fully see and melt under the gaze of his.

This kiss was not my first, but it was the first that caused the warm feelings that pool in your stomach and make you wonder what more there is to be experienced...and I will never forget it.

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