September 21, 2011

Life Well-Lived, Vol. 15

Another BUSY Wednesday, but I have just enough time before I leave work to quickly eat dinner and get ready for rehearsal to write today's Life Well Lived post!

Today I want to talk about my baby. No, I don't have any human children (yet), but I do definitely have a baby. Her name is Carmen, and she's an (almost) 3-year old pitbull mix pup. In March of 2009, we heard a rustling in our front bushes as we were leaving for work, and this sweet face popped right out:

Long story short...we didn't try very hard to find out where she came from. We checked for "Lost Dog" signs/notices and we had her scanned for a microchip.  Then we promptly got her shots and tags and made her ours. 

She is very, very spoiled.

And the prettiest thing you have ever seen in your life, no?

I think we make a very attractive family.  She has her mommy's red hair.

She likes to go visit the dog park, Wiggly Field (and makes the face below whenever you say "Wiggly Field??") and play with the other pups.

She also LOVES to play with her "tuggie."  She has recently figured out how to unbraid them, though, so that's fun.  I vacuum a lot.

I love this dog more than just about anything in the whole world. She is so sweet and good and cuddly and loving and smart and obedient and everything you want a family pet to be.  I can't imagine my life without my baby girl.

She definitely makes my—our!— life WELL LIVED.  Carmen, I'm so glad you found us.


  1. You MUST watch this BBC doc "The Secret Lives Of Dogs". :)

    It's been split up on youtube into 6 ten minute parts, they look like they are all up there/working... Although for some strange reason the titled part six as "Live of the Doog (Part 6_6)"

    Not sure if you could love your dog even more after this, but you may :)

  2. She is the sweetest and so soft :) I just love her! I wish my dogs were as calm as she is!

  3. I can't wait to get a dog and take him/her to Wiggly Field!

  4. My Sofi is the light of my life, so I can totally relate to you and Carmen!