September 27, 2011

Off Center, Off Balance

Does anyone else feel like their blogging (subject matter, intent to blog, frequency with which you post, etc.) goes in waves? I'm definitely at some point on some wave right now.  I've definitely lost the momentum I had going with my days-of-the-week posts (which is probably why I never really got into the days-of-the-week underwear either.  They don't make Sunday.  Because of God.).

I haven't run in a week and a half, but I've had some intense rehearsals for Café des Artistes, which I'm occasionally posting about here, but mostly on Sundown's Tumblr.

And those can get really wordy.  And probably overwhelming and filed under TLWR (Too Long, Won't Read) for those who see it on their Google Reader feeds.

Which is fair.

I'm feeling very unsettled and hypersensitive.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing.  I think that it's a direct result of the things we've been tapping into at rehearsals.  My emotions and my feelings are very close to the surface, and we're working to bring ourselves outside our own heads and let ourselves experience different and sometimes new things.  Because then we can channel them into creating the show.

But I need to remember how to compartmentalize these things. 

Not let it affect my relationship.  Not let it make me all emo and hypersensitive in my every day life...or on Facebook and Twitter, where it's real easy to get real emo real fast. Channel them and put them where they belong, for easy access when it's time to use them again at rehearsal.

On Friday, I had a CRAZY day. I wasn't really in the mood to have what I knew was going to be a physically and possibly emotionally draining rehearsal.  So when I got home (we've been having some rehearsals in my back yard), I went ahead and changed into rehearsal clothes.  Pulled everything we've been using out onto the deck.  Heated up some dinner.  Grabbed my iPod and a quick dinner and a magazine.  Laid out one of the quilts under my big tree...and just stayed out in the beautiful early evening until it was time to start.

It was the perfect thing to do.

I read my magazine.  When I was finished, I stretched out and closed my eyes and just listened to my music.

By the time rehearsal started, I felt refreshed and ready.  I felt balanced.

Maybe that's something I should make time for at least once a week.  Just to stay centered and feel balanced. 

My husband teased me, good-naturedly, and told me I'm turning into a hippie.  Maybe that's not so terrible.


  1. If you want male readers to thoughtfully comment on what you are saying, you must stop posting gorgeous pictures of yourself! ;)

  2. That might be my favorite picture of you ever. Hippies of the world unite! ;)