September 15, 2011

Life Well-Lived, Vol. 14

Better late than never again, right?  I know it's not Wednesday, but seeing as how I've not posted a Life Well Lived post in a few weeks and I was home sick with the plague (a.k.a. "Texas allergy season") yesterday and also seeing as how I've been NOTICEABLY (at least to me) less positive and upbeat lately, I think it's fair to post one today.

Gah.  That was the worst sentence ever. I'm blaming it on the massive amount of histamine-blocking medication coursing through my veins today. 

ANYWAY!  Here's an installment of:

Today's installment will deal with my family.  We all complain about our families...and usually with good reason.  They can be intrusive, nosy, critical, crazy, obnoxious, pick the adjective and they've probably been that way.  BUT -- they are also the people who love you unconditionally (despite how your Mom makes you feel sometimes or how your Dad nitpicks every decision you make or your brother still makes you wanna get him in a headlock and give him the noogie of his life).

No. Matter. What.

As I've gotten older, I've really grown to appreciate my family so much more...especially my immediate family.  Yes, my parents are divorced (and re-married to really amazing people, might I add) and I have one "full" brother and one "half" brother, but these four people—Mom, Dad, Older Brother and Younger Brother—are still tightly knit and bound together.  We all get along (most of the time).  We care about each other. 

My parents still drive me crazy, but when, pardon my French, the shit really hits the fan?  They are still the first people I call.  Sometimes my gut reaction is still to call my Mom or Dad instead of even my husband...which makes me feel like a bad wife sometimes...but I can't help it! There's almost 30 years of habit in there!

My two brothers are my the point where my husband told me once (lovingly, might I add), "You let your brothers get away with SO much more than you let me."  Oops.  I should probably work on that.

The true test of a family, in my opinion, is how they react when things get really bad.  In the past 3-4 years, my family has had to deal with a lot of tragedy: illnesses, deaths of family members, loss of work, marital strain and tests in relationships, etc.  You name it.  But because of our faith and our love for each other, all of these things have made the bonds between us so much stronger.

I have been blessed with an amazing immediate (and extended...but they aren't who I'm talking about today) family, and I'm lucky to have them. 
Younger Brother and me, circa 1986.  Aren't we cute?

Mom, Grandma and me.  If they're any indication of my aging process, I'm a VERY lucky girl.

Dad and me, my wedding rehearsal

Older brother, me and Younger brother at my birthday last year

Younger brother and me, bustin' a move at my wedding.

My very favorite picture of me with my two amazing brothers.

So...there you go. My family definitely has aided in making me the person I am today, and they absolutely make my life well lived.

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  1. I love this post! I'm super-close to my family, too, and I always enjoy reading about people who have a similar mindset. What a great celebration of your peeps!!