November 8, 2012

No Shame November -- Technology and Two Other Things

Today's post is about three things.  Because I'm STILL behind, and because it's still my blog and I can do what I want!! (Nobody's questioning that, Mandy, just get over it and write your blog post...)

Today I'm going to write about technology, and sex and genitalia.

Calm down, Tashina, I'm not talking about the Fleshbot. 

I refuse to link to that, by the way. 

(Oh my gosh I hate this post so much already because I really just want to announce this great news, and now I've already yelled at myself and talked about weird sex toys.)



Look, don't let the weird awkwardness of this blog post confuse you...I am absolutely freaking out happy amazed at this!!  My husband and I cannot believe how quickly and easily (so far) this is happening for us. I just...I don't want to be one of those Babydrunk (copyright: Tashina) people who are the reason why sites like STFUParents exist.  I didn't really want to be like "We are so blessed to announce that our lives will now be made PERFECT because...."  That's just not really how we are. 

Do we feel blessed?  Duh.  Are we thrilled?  OF COURSE!!

But am I also kind of being flippant because it's a defense mechanism. I'm still nervous, even though I've seen an actual tiny little growing human inside me thanks to technology (TECHNOLOGY!), and even seen its little heart beating away, and even HEARD IT beating....Yeah, I'm still nervous. 

I'm responsible for this baby! We are going to RAISE A CHILD.  WHAT?!

I don't have a lot more to say, really...I'm still processing that I'm pregnant. I made the Facebook announcement today (TECHNOLOGY!) and was immediately overwhelmed.  I think I'm up to 104 comments and almost 170 "likes." Whoa. Awesome.

Some people are probably judging me for making the announcement before the first trimester is over. NO SHAME.  My husband and I talked about it, and we agreed that it was okay to share our news now that we've seen and heard the heartbeat.  If, Heaven forbid, something bad happens, well....I mean it's in God's hands anyway.  Posting on Facebook won't "jinx" anything, and now we will have a HUGE support system no matter what happens.


I'm gonna have a baby.


Oh and this is also about sex and genitalia because...well....they were involved in the babymaking process.  Sorry folks, that's just science!


  1. YAYYYY OPERABABY! I said it before on Facebook (TECHNOLOGY!) and I'll say it again here -- I am SO excited for you! You're going to be one rocking mama! AND AND AND. Your precious little niece is going to have a blast with new behbeh in a couple of years! WELL-PLAYED, MANDY.

  2. Really, all baby-announcement blog posts from now on that DON'T include a mention of the Fleshbot are just going to be disappointing.

  3. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you both!