November 1, 2012

No Shame November -- Politics

My friend Tashina has started up a blogging prompt list for the month of November. She's calling it "No Shame November," because, well...let me let HER tell you why:

Why “no shame,” besides the fact that it sounds good with “November”? Because I want everyone to write about each topic (whether it’s general thoughts or a specific story or “I hate [topic]” or any other way you want to write) COMPLETELY HONESTLY. It can be humorous, sincere, psychotic… I don’t care! But there’s no shame. None. If you feel shame, I WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND MURDER YOU. 
 So, there you go. She suggested we take the topics in any order we please, so I'm starting with one that's currently on everyone's minds and Facebook timelines: POLITICS.

There's a big day coming up in our country.  Tuesday, November 6th, is Election Day in the United States of America.  

I voted early.  Last week.

Also? It was my very first time to vote.

No, I didn't just turn 18. 

I'm not going to get into reasons why it was my first time to vote because (and pay attention because this is kind of the theme for this post) it's really none of your business.

I remember being a kid and asking my parents who they voted for once, and they both told me it was none of my business.  I remember that very clearly.  My parents didn't ever force their political opinions or beliefs on us, but they certainly held on to their own and felt strongly about them. I don't even think they told each other their preferred candidate.

We live in a technological age that has given every single person who can use a computer or a smart phone a soap box, a megaphone, and the false sense of being an expert about any and everything.  My Facebook feed is CHOKED with political propaganda and rants and opinions, and it's frightening at worst, hilarious at best.

"But Mandy! Voting is IMPORTANT! It's not FUNNY."  I agree with you.  Mostly. It's very important.  But you're wrong about that second part.  The hilarity lies in the belief that posting any of your long-winded rants or cleverly-worded political cartoons or emotionally-charged manifestos on why we should vote for Your Guy (or Gal! You go Jill Stein.) is going to change anyone's mind.

Everyone has issues that are important to them.  Everybody has an opinions on those issues.  Everyone has the right to those opinions.  I have my own opinions (which should come as a shock to absolutely no one) but, for once in my life I'm choosing to keep them off Facebook. 

Any of my deepest thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs, and passions belong to me.  Not my 691 Facebook friends. 

I've posted very  middle-of-the-road things such as, "You discover a lot about people during an election year," but nothing should've ever given too much of a clue as to how I feel about an issue or a candidate. I've encouraged people to educate themselves and to vote, if they choose to.  Or to not vote, if they don't feel that they're educated.  I just care that people do make a choice.

But there's one thing I shared with Facebook today that I will happily share with all of you because it's a fact and I believe it with my whole heart -- If Obama is elected, Christ will still be King.  If Romney is elected, Christ will still be King.  (I also added a bit about Rick Astley still being amazing no matter what, just to add some whimsy and to avoid a comment war because I'm turning into a bit of a pacifist in my old age. This old heart can't take the drama.)

Whichever candidate is elected next Tuesday, I will support the President of the United States and continue to serve a living God before anything or anyone else. But, I still voted, because I felt led to, and I am proud to have exercised my right and my freedom to do so. 

So, for whom did I vote?

None of your business. 

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