October 28, 2013

Outfit of the Day

I wasn't sure I'd start off this week doing Outfit of the Day every day...and I'm still not sure that I'll do it every day this week, but I did like how much these blog posts kept me accountable. As the week progressed and my general fatigue increased (why do 4-month-olds need so much attention anyway??) (also ALCS and World Series baseball games go late into the night sometimes!), I felt more and more inclined to just throw my hair up in a half ponytail and put on jeans (or yoga pants) and a long-sleeved shirt.

Today would have been the perfect day for that.

I woke up at 7:10 (I should have been out the door by 7:30) and still needed to shower. I hadn't planned what I was going to wear today. I could have blown out my hair, but I decided that just a few minutes with my smiling baby trumped that, so I left with wet hair (at 7:40...oops) wearing an outfit that I threw together after staring at my closet for a few minutes with slightly crazed eyes.

I'm not always a planner by nature but, when it comes to my clothes, I usually think ahead the night before about what I might want to wear.  Luckily, today didn't end up a total disaster.  I think sequins cover a multitude of sins, but that's just my personal philosophy.

Pants: Kohls (last seen here)

Camisole: Old Navy

Sequined shrug: Kohls (I think)

Shoes: Nine West

One thing I noticed in my crazed search for something to wear this morning is that I own very few structured, professional blouses/tops. This cami is old and soft and comfortable, but, as you can see, it hangs funny and would be better suited with a pair of pajama pants than with work slacks. It clings to the waist of the pants, and does nothing to flatter that area of my body.

However, the length of the cami paired with the cropped sweater gives the illusion of a longer torso.  Since I'm very short-waisted, this is a good thing.

As for the hair...here's a closer look:

My hair is getting LONG, and besides the fact that it takes forever to dry, it's falling out thanks to more lovely postpartum symptoms that nobody ever warns you about til it's too late and you're wondering if you could make a wig with what you find in the shower.

Here's my New Mom hair tip: ALWAYS have the following in your purse or at work: a small can of hairspray, a fold up brush (with a mirror! they sell them at Walmart), and a sleeve of bobby pins.  I did this in the bathroom at work in about 10 minutes. 

There are a bazillion hair tutorials online and on Pinterest, but let me sum this one up for you very easily:

1. Make two braided pigtails
2. Fold one up over your head and pin til it feels secure.
3. Fold the other one around the back of your head and pin the ends up into the start of the first braid. Pin until secure.
4. Spray all over with hairspray.

Today was another classic example of "hurried Mom" syndrome, but I'm learning little tips and tricks that help me get out the door feeling slightly put together and not quite so messy and frumpy. 

Happy Monday!

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