October 11, 2013

Z at Three Months

I'm getting later and later at these monthly update posts!  But at least they're getting done! And we were about a week and a half late with his 3-month pictures this month...and he wasn't happy that we were taking them when all he wanted to do was take a nap!  But you have to have these photos...they're so funny!  My favorite:

Poor little guy!  Doesn't wanna sit by Kermit, I guess!

Z is such a sweet little boy!  He tends to have a flair for the melodramatic, but hey...it's hard being a baby! He sure is generous with his smiles, though, especially first thing in the morning and after his bottles & naps.

He has definitely found his voice!  He makes sounds all the time and has even started in with some giggles!

He is still sleeping so well, and we don't take one minute of that for granted!

Bath time is much less traumatic for him now and sometimes he even takes one with Mommy.  He likes that a lot because he stays warmer and gets to be held by Mommy. No picture of that (well, there is one but YOU CAN'T SEE IT). 

He's so very strong! His head and neck strength have improved so much and he likes tummy time a lot more now.

We had our first fever and sickness right before his 3-month birthday.  He started having an upset tummy (as noticed by his diaper production...that's all I'll say) and a fever that wasn't alarmingly high but was enough for the phone nurse to encourage a trip to the ER.  That was a long night, but he was such a trooper.  Turned out to be a bacterial infection and a round of antibiotics has cleared him all up!

He is strong enough now to sit up in his Bumbo seat and he's really working on starting to grab at toys on his Kick & Play gym.  The Bumbo was an enormous failure at first, but now he sits in it like a champ.

He started off his fourth month with a fun trip to the Dallas Arboretum to celebrate Mommy's birthday, and Gigi and Sabba came along to celebrate with us and enjoy the pumpkin village and all the pretty sights of the Arboretum.  This little boy seems to like being outside.  There's so much to see!

It's so insane and incredible to watch him turning into a curious little boy.  He's still a baby (and will always be to me, of course) but he has changed so much from that tiny little squish we brought home from the hospital.

So much that I want to say about him is just so hard to accurately describe in words.  His smile, his different cries, the way he stares, fascinated, at his hands for minutes on end...he's just our whole world and it's so exciting to see him growing and changing every day.

I mentioned this in my online Moms Group earlier today that I'm trying to enjoy every tiny moment...even the most frustrating ones.  Every time I hold him is one less time I'll get to.  All too soon he'll be squirming to get out of my arms and onto the ground and exploring his world. I'll still get plenty of Mommy cuddles, but not like the ones I get now.

Even at only 3 months past, I find the memories of those first few weeks getting fuzzier.  That is a good thing and a bad thing.  It's good because, let's face it, those first several weeks are really, really hard. It's bad because the crisp details of those first moments, hearing his first cries, etc., are losing their crispness. The feelings and the emotions are much more easily recalled and brought to the surface, but they're only so tiny for so little time.

I want time to slow down, but I am so thankful that we live in an age where I have the ability to freeze a moment or moments in time with just the swipe of my finger on my iPhone...and the ability to quickly share those moments with those who love us!

Mind and Body update for the 3rd month coming in a few days...and I'm happy to say that there's good news in there, too.

Happy 3 months, baby boy!!

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