October 24, 2013

Outfit of the Day

Today I committed a two cardinal fashion sins:

1. Frump frump frump. Flowy shirt with loose-fitting pants. Yuck. Should've worn a more fitted top OR a skinnier pant with this top.

2. BAD shoes. Bad. Very bad. So bad I didn't even take a picture. They are busted up slingback black flats that are not flattering anymore in the least. But, they're comfortable, so I got lazy.

Today was a typical "mom"  morning for me. I woke up late (after being up for an hour between 4 and 5am listening to my poor baby cough and fall asleep between coughing fits...heartbreaking!), and had to get Z and myself out the door QUICKLY so I could drop him off at daycare and get to my doctor's appointment. Naturally, they were running about 45 minutes behind, but how could I have known that? Sigh.

So, I grabbed the closest things I could find out of my closet and threw my hair up in a bun sponge. Normally it looks a little better, but today was just a yucky day. I feel frumpy and sloppy.  Better luck tomorrow!

Shirt: Polka Dot Pleated Top - LC by Lauren Conrad at Kohls

Pants: Black Apt 9 Curvy Fit Trousers in Petite at Kohls

Earrings: Can't remember, but I love them! They're so airy and light, and they match this blouse perfectly!

Shoes: Too awful to photograph. A pair of heels would've made me feel MUCH better today!

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