December 22, 2008

Bless Us All

Yes, I'm at work today. And boy do I not want to be! Just about everyone I know is off this week through the new year, yet here I sit. I'm not too upset, since after tomorrow I'm off until January 5th, but still. It's a lonely place today...

So as I eat my lunch, I'm looking around on YouTube (as I am wont to do) for something fun and/or funny and festive. I was inspired to look up clips from my favorite Christmas/Holiday movies, and I found this from The Muppet Christmas Carol:

I make no bones about the fact that this Muppet version is in a tie for my favorite version of the classic Dickens story (the other is the version with George C. Scott as Scrooge), and after the year we've had, I will admit to crying when I watched this just now.

Also, the music nerd in me thinks the harmonies are awesome, and that the movie just, in general, has great songs, but when have the Muppets NOT had genius songs in the movies? I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, how was your weekend?

Operaboy and I spent some MUCH needed time alone in the Operahaus (still unfinished, but really getting there...we'll have lots of time between Christmas and the New Year to get some little things done that will make it habitable enough to move into), and also had some awesome get-togethers with family and friends.

Saturday evening was spent (amidst a GLORIOUS fall from grace by the Dallas Cowgirls Cowboys) celebrating a dear friend's 2nd annual 29th birthday, and Sunday evening was spent having Christmas at the Operahaus with my dad's side of the family (rockin' around the secondhand Christmas to come soon!).

I think I'm finally ready for Christmas (about time, since I've got about 48 hours left until). I'm looking forward to spending some relaxing time with the families after the Week From Hell last week, and to working on the Operahaus.

I hope you're reading this blog, off work, in front of a roaring fire and cuddled up in flannel p.j.s. Excuse me while I live vicariously through you...


  1. While I am not in my jammies or in front of a fire, I am at work suffering with you. I will be here thru Wednesday. So I am suffering with you! Hope that makes it better.

  2. Me too. Working through Weds. I'll be happy to put on my jammies (they have mooses on them!) and sit in front of a fire for you! In fact, you inspired me, I'm going to do that RIGHT NOW.