December 18, 2008

Hey! Look over there!


I added a widget on my sidebar that updates every time I share something I think is cool on my Google Reader feed.

Have YOU discovered Google Reader yet? It has seriously made my transition back to blogging a much more smooth and easy process. It shows me which blogs have been updated, and I can read the new posts from the comfort of my Google Reader page, rather than clicking on the link of every blog I read to see if anything new has been posted. I love it. So should you.

Anyway, back to shared items. Google Reader gives you the option to share any posts you find particularly memorable, interesting, funny, noteworthy, etc. and I just yesterday found the widget to add to my blog. Gotta love how all (most) Google products work toward the same goal with each other.

So check it out! I probably share 1-2 things daily, so try to keep up! :)

1 comment:

  1. Google Reader is great. That's what I use every day to get around to my blog buddies.