December 4, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Tonight is the 20th Annual Holiday Lighting on the Square in my hometown. Operaboy and I will be singing with the Bach Society at one of the participating locations. Luckily we're only singing for 2 hours of the 4-hour event, so there will be at least an hour and a half of walking around, drinking wassail, and shopping to be done in my favorite part of town.

I love that it's FINALLY cold enough in Texas to make this a festive event!! I haven't really felt the holiday spirit yet just because, until we're finally settled in the Operahaus, we feel a bit like a man and a woman without a country. I think tonight will help.

The square in downtown is truly my favorite part about this erstwhile small college town. I even had my bridal portraits done there because I feel like it's such a part of who I am. Case in point:

And if it's that pretty in the day time, one can only imagine how gorgeous it will look when covered with thousands of lights, and surrounded by lit lampposts adorned with holly and garland.

I'm looking very forward to singing beloved carols, walking around in the crisp winter air hand in hand with my husband, seeing friends, and kicking off this holiday season with a real bang, courtesy of Brave Combo.

Hope to see you there!! Come by the Bayless-Selby house from 6-8 to hear our dulcet tones, then enjoy the rest of the festival!


  1. I love the square too. Beth Maries is my favorite. And a LONG LONG time ago, my husband asked me to be his girlfriend on a bench on that square. Its definately a historic place!