December 10, 2008

Just in Case We've All Forgotten

...consider this:

Quite possibly my favorite clip. Ever.


  1. Steven made me watch that Monday night. :)

  2. I love this one too.

    And of course, I watched the Charlie Brown Christmas on abc on Monday. =)

    Great post OperaWife.

  3. OK, here's what MY WIFE and I did.

    We have it on video (yes, video; not DVD - we're ancient) so we cued it up and started it at 8pm. I guessed that we'd be finished watching our version by the time they got to Linus's speech on ABC. I was off by about 15 seconds. We shut ours off after the credits rolled, turned over to ABC, and there was Charlie Brown saying "Doesn't anybody know what the meaning of Christmas is?", which, of course, leads into your clip.

    Quite possibly my favorite moment in television, period, not just holiday specials. God bless Schulz for insisting it be there.