December 15, 2008

A Floor to Walk On

I know, it's been a long while since I posted about the progress on the Operahaus. We've gotten a LOT of work done, though, so rather than tell you about it, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (well, with a few captions by yours truly).

Here she is, Home Sweet Home! The OperaHaus from across the street.

The bright red we painted the Piano Room (where the magic happens, in a musician's household). This is actually a little brighter than the actual color, so I tried again...

Even though it's dark, you can get a better idea of the actual color here.

Yes, that was the wall of mirrors! Now textured and mostly painted!

A closeup of the texturing on the living room walls.

Yes, that is me, pre-makeup, and cutting in around the trim in the kitchen. Damn Dad, stole my camera and started snapping away.

The color of the carpet that is going into the 2 bedrooms (aka the rooms we weren't able to get the stains out of even with professional carpet cleaning).

The master bedroom, painted "Spanish Moss." I was very hesitant about this color, but in the end... ended up looking perfect next to our bedding!

Mom seems VERY excited to put down the wood floor! (Either that or she's about to clobber her husband with that hammer...)

Ooh, Mahogany Laminate flooring, how I love thee...

The kitchen, looking COMPLETELY different with paint and flooring down.

Our new and improved living room! Please forgive the lack of baseboards...we won't be able to splurge on those until January.

The other view of the living room!

Needless to say, we are getting VERY close to being able to move in! The shower is still going to be a problem, seeing as how the tile isn't really REAL tile, and no one has taken a shower in that bathroom in 46 years...we're going to have to figure something out before we can bite the bullet and afford to renovate it.

It's so exciting to watch this house transform! Operaboy and I cannot wait to move in and be in our own little corner of the world together again. :)


  1. It looks wonderful!! I cant believe how different it is looking!!

  2. Looks like a real nice space (barring the possible no-shower.)